rehab plans

Spoke with my vet-acupuncturist today and have formulated a bit of a plan for the next couple of months.

She suggested no full-on A-frames and that kind of stuff for about 3 months so I guess that pushes back our agility debut by another month or two, sigh. In the meantime, the plan will be:

Next week or 2: stretching exercises, involving side to side motions like weaving through legs, hip-touches, hip-touches on wobble board, etc. Need to help her stretch her abdomen so she has some more elasticity since she will have lost some of its natural elasticity when the skin was cut.

Building up to walking in the bush- she suggested this was actually a really good thing to do a week or two from now as climbing over logs and all that stuff will help stretch her as well.

Tracking! We had a tracking lesson from a friend who owns her brother today. It was very easy, and fun. We can definitely do that almost every day if I want. Very low impact and a great way to feed her her dinner or breakfast! And given how well she’s sleeping just now, a good way to wear her out, too!

Rally-O training. Taking our heeling to the park, working on stamina, actually setting up a course. Still need to talk to someone in person who’s done Rally and get them to see how we’re going and make suggestions but all the stations are very doable at this stage, she just has to be able to hold attention for long enough!

After 2 weeks:
Jumping grids for a couple of weeks on low heights. This is good- I’m happy about this, means I have a really good reason to do grids, which I wanted to do anyway. I was thinking of joining Ann Croft’s jumping skills class– a high level competitor with a great dog took it and I don’t know if they knock bars as much now… She said it was a lot of jump grids but they were adjusted to suit what the individual dogs needed. Anybody know much about her? Heard any feedback? My vet friend said grids would again help her stretch out her internal stitches, giving her a better range of motion as she heals. (I’m so glad I spoke with her about this today actually, because I wouldn’t have thought she’d need to stretch like this, but if I didn’t know, I could have really lost some of her length of stride or ability to turn because she just wouldn’t be as flexible!). Also low set-point etc is fine. This is all excellent news. Not only will she get stretchy but she might learn some stuff about jumping

By this point she should be allowed to run a bit more as well so I’ll do some tunnel games.

And depending how her leg-weaving and side stretching as gone (and it should go well!) – weaves. This is the same motion as leg weaving and should help! Ha! Perfect excuse to do weaves! Particularly since they’re channel, she said that would be perfect, and as I close them she’ll get more stretching. Now I’m wondering if I can set them up in my little backyard. 😉


And then I guess give her two months or so and work back up to full height jumps… I’m not that worried about an A-Frame if I get it for free through RC training, I should have had a good solid month or two to close the weaves since I’ll be allowed to (ha ha!), I don’t think there’d be any issue with her doing a see-saw… So really, it will just be about getting her nice and flexible, get her stamina back (she was so fit before so I don’t think it will take too, too long) and getting her back to running full speed and jumping… remind her about dogwalks, get her on an A-frame and we should be good to go… Maybe we’ll get in the ring by May.


One thought on “rehab plans

  1. Ouch no one likes to hear that plan needs to be moved back 😦 But it feels good to have a plan, doesn’t it? And such a detailed one with stretching and strengthening and conditioning and everything! Lu is such a lucky girl 🙂

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