Isn’t this funny… yesterday, I was pretty convinced that Lu had blown apart her internal stitches sometime during the day, and was slowly leaking stomach acid into her abdomen (nice visual there, hey?). She was sleepy all day and did a weird thing with her face, and was generally a bit ‘off’. It was the sleeping that really worried me, because the last time she was unusually sleepy all day, she woke up the next morning refusing to eat and had surgery. Cue flashbacks to then.

So I was moping around, stressing out, crying (thanks, hormones!!!) and generally feeling very average…

I tell Penny how I’m worried she’s about to die, and Penny calls me. Penny has a remarkable way of cheering me up because so much of our thinking is the same, so we share stories and laugh at how ridiculous our situations are… So, I’m on the phone laughing and telling jokes, and suddenly Lumen is up, wrestling with Mal, playing with a toy, bringing me her slipper, tail wagging, eyes bright. As I let go of the stress, she was back to her normal self. Funny, hey?

I suspect some of her moping/weirdness/sleepiness is due to being about to come into heat (I think) – so, add another 2 weeks of house arrest to her schedule. Woo hoo!


6 thoughts on “moods

  1. And this totally depends on the dog (NOT the breed) but some dogs are just UBER tuned into our moods. You’re down? They’re DOWN, you’re all excited and breathless, they can’t stop wiggling.
    I had a Dal years ago and she read me like a book! it was eerie. Like she knew before I even walked through the door that I’d had a bad day. Crazy.

    Rumble (my blue merle) is like this WAY more than my over-the-top red boy. Last night in class I had a down moment and BAM! I lost him, right there. He was FINE before that, but after???He wouldn’t jump things, he wandered off. It was unreal.
    I suspect Lu is similar

    • Em says:

      Bloody dogs. Can’t they just be happy and excited all the time?! 😉
      I keep looking at her though trying to see signs that she’s destroyed herself internally – everything she does that’s slightly abnormal is cause for panic. 😉

  2. Poor girl, she gets stitches and then heat… no wonder she’s feeling a little blah. But in a way it’s good that she’s getting it done now, right? So you will be really assured that everything has healed when you start training and won’t be worried if she sleeps a little more when she’s tired from training 🙂

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