jump cups & frustrations

2 completely separate, unrelated topics in this post today.

Firstly, Lu went to the vet today to have her stitches out, but turns out they’ve all dissolved and fallen out anyway so they didn’t have to do anything. Left me wondering why I was back there, but hey. The worst news is that Lu isn’t allowed to run for another two and a half weeks. No off-lead walks, just gentle exercise. For another 2 weeks. Are you kidding me? One site I found said that dogs with her operation should have 3 weeks rest from the surgery so I’m thinking I bring her timeline forward by about half a week (which means gentle exercise for another week and a half) but even so, for my girl that seems like so, so, long. I definitely think we’ll start doing some Rally-O stuff outside, since heeling happens beautifully inside at a very slow indoors pace, and… not so beautifully outside. 😉

Does she look sick? She could be sick. And if she's sick, it's my fault because I let her run around too much when she should be crated..

Does she look sick? She could be sick. And if she’s sick, it’s my fault because I let her run around too much when she should be crated..

But in the meantime I have this feeling of frustration, I guess, and constant worry. The worry I only really noticed just now when Lu was acting a bit ‘off’, sleeping a fair bit, and then had a strange look on her face like she was going to vomit and I thought for sure she was either sick again with more ulcers for some reason, or she’d torn her internal stitches not half an hour after the vet had told me that they take longer to heal and then in the backyard she takes off running to bark at something near the fence. So now I get to keep my eye on her all day to make sure she’s not bleeding internally or something which would be so my luck, and exactly what I need to have happen. She ate her lunch quite happily, so as long as she’s continuing to eat, drink and poop, she should be ok.

And the frustration is like this deep, brooding anger that I can’t take out on anything or anyone, or blame anyone or anything or even myself for this because there’s nothing to blame- so I just want to be angry that this bullshit has happened at all and turned my summer holidays into a 3 week stress-fest which is excellent because I get to start Term 1 feeling like crap and then have to slog through 9 weeks of new preps and summer heat before I get a break again. I’m frustrated and jealous, too, that my friends get to go to the beach and train their dogs and I’m stuck in here staring at her wondering if she’s going to die any minute because maybe that time that she jumped off the couch has ruptured her stomach or something. And it’s not their fault so they can go and have fun, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be here feeling sorry for myself. Plus I haven’t been sleeping well so that’s also helping me feel really wonderful.


Also, I started selling jump wings and I actually got some orders, too (should pay for some of Lu’s vet bill anyway) except I don’t have jump cups and it seems impossible to figure out a design that’s affordable, easy to make en-masse, removable, doesn’t look hideous and will hold up a bar. I’m going to have nightmares about these things. I hate them.





Fucking jump cups.



12 thoughts on “jump cups & frustrations

  1. Those jump wings look great! I would definitely order some if I had somewhere to put them. 😉 But yeah, not many options for jump cups on wooden wings… If you want I can photograph what they look like at our club.

    • Em says:

      Yes please!! I found a YouTube clip of a Euro club making wings (might have been Slovenian?) and took screenshots of their cups but I don’t know how they made them so that makes it tricky!
      But thanks! The set i have in the backyard at the moment looks so cool. It seems to have sparked a huge discussion in our state about jump wings in comps because NOBODY uses them.

  2. Oh and I wanted to say that I totally understand your frustration and anger. Doggie injuries seriously mess with my head. Remember I stopped blogging for a month? Perhaps I should have called Penny instead 😛
    I have one suggestion for the anger: take it out on the sofa (no hubby or doggies present, of course). They say it causes all sorts of unhealthy stuff if you hold it inside and I’m sure sofa won’t hold resent you. I am not a violent type, but I did feel better once I did that… I just wish I had a baseball bat at hand that day 😉

    • Em says:

      I’ll give that a try! Usually I just sit on the floor and cry (really pathetic I know, but I’ve said before how crying is a very normal stress response for me) which makes Mal really upset and Lu want to attack me with licks 😉

    • Penny says:

      I constantly think about how you *didn’t* blog for that month. Blows my mind. I am much too good at publicly whining about my problems. Max respect

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