Yesterday I wrote about getting ready to compete. One of my main concerns has been with Miss Body-sensitivity and the cloth/chute tunnel because well, hey, if this dog can’t stand to have things on her body, how is she going to get through a tunnel without freezing?

So a few weeks ago we were changing the sheets on the bed and I decided to get Lu to push through a pillow-case that I was holding like a matador’s red cloth. She thought this was pretty cool, so we progressed to getting her to push through the whole bed-sheet. She thought this was a fantastic game and was throwing herself head first into the sheet and exploding upwards and out of it like a shark. Even when she got caught up in it she didn’t seem to mind, and we all laughed and had another go.

After the trial yesterday, with all her beans and energy, I made a cloth-tunnel out of a blanket. I know, she’s meant to be resting, but she was way too active and I had to wear her out somehow and all she was really doing was trotting along, right?
Anyway, she loved this game. She’s too clever of course and so started going out the side, but again, she was driving into it, exploding out of it, and having a wonderful time. I even rear-crossed her into it. By the end she decided going over was a better idea, so we called it quits. But considering how heavy the blanket is, I think she did amazingly well and this has made me feel much more confident about getting her through a cloth-tunnel in the not too distant future!



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