Apparently everything is too prickly on Lu’s shaved tummy. Bed sheets? Prickly. Can’t lay there. Couch? Prickly. Oh, so prickly. Can’t lay there. Dog beds? Very uncomfortable, prickly, no good. Pile of weeds in yard? Possibly less prickly, but I wouldn’t let her lay in them (we really don’t need ants or insects in her wound right now), dirt and leaves in yard? Maybe less prickly. Prickly jute rug? Definitely tricky (but she’ll keep trying anyway!)

“Seriously, why would you try and make me lie on this?!?!”

Luckily, we have a “mink” (not real mink) blanket which, when in her crate, she just crashes out on. It’s very soft and apparently not as prickly as everything else in the house.

She’s on so little food at the moment that after a walk around the backyard, she started trying to dig a nest. At first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but then I realised that she was ready to sleep. I brought her in and she tried to dig the bed into a nest but every time she’d go to lay down, the sheets would touch her stomach and she’d spring back up like she’d been bitten. She’s doing so, so well with the cone (doesn’t even run away from me if I’ve just taken it off and am holding it. Couldn’t say the same for harnesses!), and taking her pills, and being bandaged and hobbled… she just can’t cope with her shaved stomach. Hopefully it’ll only feel prickly for her for a few more days as the hair grows back, and when the stitches come out (I’m looking at you, Friday) that might make her feel a bit better, too.

In the meantime, I’m just going to keep chasing her around with her mink blanket so that she doesn’t destroy the couch by trying to dig it into a luxurious cloud-bed.

“Now, this lady knows what’s going on. Floating cloud bed for the win! Nothing prickly about a cloud bed!”


2 thoughts on “prickly

    • Em says:

      That’s what I think, as long as it’s recovery sleep vs. the sleep I had the day before I took her to the vet, which I thought was recovery sleep but in fact was “I’m still very sick and in pain” sleep!

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