future & plans

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the next year, year and a half, especially in terms of Lu and her agility prospects and such.


My intention has been to breed her to a nice boy and get nice agility-ready puppies with awesome colours and good working drive.

But then I think about the things that really frustrate me with Lu and I think: should I breed her???

For example:

  • high level of ‘hunt’. Fricken loves to hunt. Very strong-willed when it comes to hunting.
  • high drive in her own way but this doesn’t translate to agility, much at all.
  • not overly ‘biddable’ – pretty good when doing tricks at home, but leave the house and everything is more exciting. Will switch on for agility but doesn’t have a high ‘will to please’.
  • jumping. issues.
  • body sensitivity issues.


On the plus side:

  • awesome cute and cheeky personality, a real cuddler at home, who has begun to love to play all the time.
  • can run really fast when she wants to – long stride (again, doesn’t translate to agility yet.)
  • super friendly to every dog, and kids, and once she meets someone, with those people too (initially a little reserved)
  • natural herding instinct and I suspect would be good at tracking, too.
  • pretty colours
  • nice athletic body shape.
  • loves the learning game


So it’s a hard call. Because if I want a really crazy fast dog, well, at this stage, Lu’s not it. And maybe she’ll get faster- I think she will… I think when we get into big open courses and she starts flying off the dogwalk and just powering through, she’ll realise it’s fun to run… but maybe she won’t… and then, would her puppies be this same amount of effort? And what about the jumping thing? And although I can work with the body thing, it’d be really nice for her to wear a harness or a cool coat or a backpack when we go hiking…

I’ve been casually looking at rescue dogs for the past week or so to see if something like a whippet x working dog will pop up- even an older one (say 4 years old) so that Lu can have more breaks while training, she can have a friend that actually plays with her, etc… but even that throws a spanner in the works because then if I still want to breed her, I suppose I’ll have to wait until Mal crosses the rainbow bridge before we keep a pup because 4 dogs seems excessive.

So… I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s a video from the weekend. The RC was to angled jumps – the last ones she was tired and the bar was 90 degrees to the DW and it was too hard. It was the first time I’d done any offset exits so I was a moron to set it up and make it so hard. And I drilled her too much on the sequence but I wanted to try different handling and stuff so I kept going. Bad, bad me. Stop at 3, Em. Stop at 3.

But I will say that although her jumps looked a bit long when slowed down (and some I don’t think she could have added another stride anyway), they actually look ok in real speed, mostly.




5 thoughts on “future & plans

  1. This is quite a dilemma… but do you need to solve it now? Lu is very young and you can easily wait two more years before deciding whether you want to breed her. I am no jumping expert so I hesitate to comment on jumping videos, but as far as breeding goes I would want to have a puppy from two dogs with no jumping issues. I don’t think Lu has a big problem and in a year she might be jumping just fine – or you might stumble upon a way of handling her that helps her jump just fine.

    Though far be it from me to talk you out of getting a whippet cross 😉

    • Em says:

      I don’t need to solve it now, no, but I’m a person who really likes to have plans. And when there’s too many options, that stresses me out. I like to say: Yes, route a) will take me to point b) and that is the most logical (or only) option, so that is excellent. When there’s too many variables I have trouble and do something rash like getting some random adoption dog.
      I worry with Lu’s jumping that it’s just how she is. And I love her, and her boundy-bouny-gazelle-jumps in the grass are so, so cute just… not so useful for agility. 😉 So, I don’t know. I just hate options. I’d feel better if it was definitely YES or definitely NO, but this ‘maybe yes maybe no’ thing drives me crazy. 😉

  2. Repeat after me: I have lots of time to figure this out and in the mean time there are many things to look forward to this year: training dog walk exits and turns, OMD seminar, Lu’s first trial… 😉

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