Actually, this summer has been very mild with quite a few cool and overcast days- perfect hiking weather since the snakes won't bother to come out!

Actually, this summer has been very mild with quite a few cool and overcast days- perfect hiking weather since the snakes won’t bother to come out!

Well, I’ll say I did pretty well with Lu’s mini-break. I caved and did agility with her on Sunday because it was Penny’s birthday and we were all training together, and I had done some ‘tunnel fun’ at a different park but that was really just chasing a ball with a tunnel inbetween sometimes, so it doesn’t really count.

I’ve been thinking about breaks a bit lately – and especially since Andreja posted on a Facebook group about taking an extended break and everyone was all like: yeah just take a break during winter! Sorted!

Well… that’s problematic for us here in Aus. See, summers get so hot that the agility competiton and training season stops, where winter is prime, prime competition time.

So, you’re probably saying: “well, just take a break off in summer! It’s too hot to train your heat and sun-hating dog anyway! Just go hiking or swimming instead”.

Sorry about the poor quality- only had my phone with me.

See, there’s the problem: can’t hike, pretty sure Lu will pounce on snakes, and anyway, when it’s 40 degrees out (104F), I’m not hiking. It’s just not fun when it gets hot. And, to be honest, I’m not driving for an hour and a quarter to get to the beach every day. I can, however, train early morning before it gets warm- especially while I’m on holidays, and then the rest of the day is probably going to be a write-off.  Look, I understand, if you live somewhere where it gets really snowy and frozen, you’re not going to be going outside either – at least I have the beach as a weekend option, but the thought of not doing ANYTHING active with my girl frightens me. She is not one to sit around for more than a day.

So maybe I’ll use summer as a time for lots of mini-breaks.


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  1. Was a similar thought process going on here over recent days. Must be all those NAs breaking because of the snow. We didn’t break over summer although next year I am planning to. Our club and another local club have their Rally trials 1st and 2nd weekend in Jan so that will give us something to focus on.

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