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Time to give Lu a break. Doing RC yesterday, she just seems to have lost a bit of her ‘spark’ that I was so loving. So we’re doing RC at the park today, and then I’d like to try and give her at least 4 days off agility. Ok, it doesn’t seem much, but it’s more than the 1 or 2 days rest she’s been getting lately. I suppose with the possibility of losing the field in a month, I’ve been trying to cram in as much as I can, but I think I have somewhere else to go, so I need to just relax, and let her recover. She’s looking a bit stiff, she’s not excited about training (though, she rarely is), and she’s not as fast as usual. She’s trying really hard, but only because that’s the job, and she’s made for work. 

So I have a bit of a training plan of things to work on, including:

-increasing the angle of weave entry (yesterday we got way beyond 90 degrees, which was awesome) and doing some right hand entries

-increasing love of tunnels by rewarding her for doing tunnels with speed, and going back to doing some tunnel games

-continuing to do work on jump grids – I think these might be helping.

-begin to do some  one-jump speed stuff starting with low height, much in the manner of jump grids.

-possibly put carpet on the UP ramp of the DW for the opposite direction to what we’d been training this whole time as she seems to try and measure her stride and collects a lot to get on it, rather than just running on. Also go back to a straight tunnel exit for running the opposite way to normal and don’t start from a tunnel just yet (given her issues with a jump after a tunnel, maybe she’s having trouble with a DW after a tunnel, too).

-do some restrained recalls over jumps and through tunnels, etc.

-start sequences with ‘back, back, back GO!’. Since she loves backing up, and this can instigate a chase game.

-hill running, to help condition her rear end to help her with jumps

But first, a bit of a break for my tired girl. Tonight for New Years Eve? Camping on the beach with all the dogs. What could be better? See you in 2014.


3 thoughts on “overdone

  1. Taking a break is always a good thing.. sometimes Penny gets a week off& comes back to it like a brand new dog! Sometimes, it’s not even a break so much as making sure she gets some stimulation other than agility ..hikes or swimming! Enjoy your mini-vacation, Lu 🙂

    • Em says:

      I know but it’s so hard when you’re making good progress, like with the weaves right now- she’s finally ‘getting’ how to wrap around that 2nd pole so she doesn’t go out wide, and so I want to train it train it train it but… no, I must step back. That being said, I’m thinking of taking a tunnel down to a different park and just playing ball-chasing games that might happen to have a tunnel in the way. That doesn’t count, right?!
      We do plenty of hikes or swimming as well as agility, most of the time, so I think she just needs some time to regroup, let her body rest from that kind of exercise, let her mind think about what we’ve been doing, and yeah, come back fresh. 😀 I think it’s so funny that you’re waiting for the weather to warm up so you can go hiking- we’re waiting for it to get cold and cloudy again. (that being said, it’s been a VERY cool summer so far (HURRAH!!) and it looks like good hiking weather for the next week, so that is awesome!)

  2. I totally get not wanting to stop when things are moving in the right direction and you want to get just a little more… We’ve been having the same problems with popping out at 3rd pole in weaves. I’ve been meaning to make a post on it, but then I want to make a video of what we’ve done and I don’t have enough time to look though all the videos and make this elaborate thing and then I end up posting nothing… Aaah agility is an addiction, isn’t it? 🙂

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