Well, it’s been AT LEAST 3 days since I wrote about RC, right?

We did a bit of a session today, working on soft exits and slightly angled entries. The little sequence I set up is more or less a mirror image either side. Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble coordinating my rewarding voice with her actually going ahead to do the obstacle. It’s been easy so far because she’s been sucked into a straight tunnel to chase a ball. Having to do a curved tunnel was much harder, and if I made too much of a fuss over her doing the contact right, she’d just not do the tunnel. So I think this is a learning thing. YES, you did awesome, NO, you don’t get your reward straight away, YES you’ll get it if you do the next obstacle or two. That whole reward chain thing is pretty new, so that’s ok.

Interestingly though, her actual striding was very odd today, I can’t quite figure it out. I think she’s just experimenting with so much right now- sometimes she adjusts at the first apex, sometimes at the 2nd, sometimes somewhere else, sometimes one way, sometimes another way. She seems hesitant to ‘run’ onto the DW, sometimes sort of ‘pouncing’ it, but that’s probably just her… I’m hoping that the striding all figures itself out as she does more and more and gets experience. I suppose if you think about it I’ve only been on full height since the 7th of December, and only running the full length of the DW since the 14th- there’s been a LOT of learning going on in 2 weeks, including doing an unfamiliar dogwalk in an unfamiliar place (yesterday, and at first, she was quite certain she would NOT be climbing on this piece of equipment, thanks very much! Way too high! Way too scary! So we decided to play some on-and-off games, and she wandered onto the top plank and it was like she suddenly went: OH! THIS!? Why didn’t you say it was a dogwalk!And then proceeded to have a beautiful session)… So all her weirdness will hopefully go away the more we do. Only one leap today (which is actually one more than we’ve been getting at all, she’s been generally pretty JP’y most of the time) and one reward, which is ok, too, she’s learning. 😉

And some good weaves! The other day she was having trouble with that 3rd pole again and in this video you can tell she’s working REALLY HARD to figure out the game and stay in- you can even see her starting to do a weave-step to get in properly. I’m bringing the angle sharper VERY gradually. Literally little step by little step.

Poo! There was one DW on the video that she did BEAUTIFULLY! And I didn’t mark it (verbally or click) because I was trying to get her in the tunnel ahead. Bad me. Oh well, it was her ‘normal’ direction. You can tell that she’s not 100% confident going the ‘other’ way to what we’ve been doing for the last month or 2, so even that’s a learning experience for her. I so think that a running DW is perfect for her- I think as she flies onto and off the DW, she’ll start really picking up speed and learning that agility is great fun to run fast!

Also, bars were lower today but they were all gorgeous jumps. Very happy with almost all of them. Good girl, Bean.



4 thoughts on “weird

    • Em says:

      Thanks! This one was a bit weird in her not normal direction but I think she’ll get it- I think the more different ones she does the better she’ll be able to find her rhythm. Speaking of, did you want to do some tomorrow before the beach? Maybe somewhere near your place so we can drop the trailer back?

      • Em says:

        Perfect. Nic even said he won’t mind coming along. 😉 Maybe tonight if you’re on FB, we can figure out what we need to bring tomorrow etc

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