I made this picture for Penny and Kim’s Christmas card.


So…. Christmas isn’t really my thing, I’ll be honest. The whole obligation to catch up with family, and this year the joy of having to self-cater because the “v word” is too scary for anybody to be arsed catering for, the crowded shops and supermarkets, the carols, the kids going on and on and on about presents… not my scene.

But then Nic, my wonderful husband, suggested that Penny, Kim and the two of us do a pre-Christmas lunch/dinner. I took it further and invited all of us to Penny’s house (cos I’m an awesome friend like that) and then we forced her to cook the mains (awesome. friends.) and suggested we take all the dogs (8 of them) to the beach first so they could make sure that Penny’s house was nice and sandy (us as friends? awesome.).

So we went to the beach and walked for 2 hours and it was great and now Lu is VERY TIRED. SO TIRED. The weather was just warm enough and the dogs swam and ran and chased a ball or each other and Javelin got all sexually frustrated again but that’s ok cos he’s cool, and Nic made Lu chase sand-balls and she stuck her face in the water trying to find them and once again Flynn experienced the “summer cleanse”.

And then we went back to Penny’s house and there were lights and decorations and Christmassy napkins and crackers and candles and we even put on Carols and we opened presents and I didn’t get one from Penny (she’s that good of a friend…. Nah, she’s making me a broad jump cos she’s awesome). And we ate way, way too much food until Nic had to go have a nap so we put on Silvia’s Weaving DVD and talked over the top of it, occasionally pausing to go: “well that’s just STUPID” as her dogs hit some ridiculous entry while there was a tunnel literally 30cm from the weave entrance.

Then we woke Nic up so we could play some dog Christmas games, which weren’t all that Christmassy at all but they were great like dog limbo- wherein we got a jump bar and had 2 people sitting on chairs and we lured the dogs under the bar one at a time and made it go lower and lower. Lu got down to I think about 15cm, which if you consider her size is actually an amazing feat. It was a tie between her and Flynn (a little kelpie) because we couldn’t physically make them go any lower.

Then we did “who can sit-pretty the longest” and Lu would have won that too with 16 seconds, except I was a moron and suggested we do a “Top 3 run-off” which she then lost. Probably because her muscles hurt from holding it for 16 seconds before.

Then we did an obstacle course where someone held someone else’s dog in the pantry inside the house and they had to run and find their owner who had hidden behind the shed in the yard and on the way they had to go over a jump. Poor Mal got to the door (which has a dog door next to it) and was desperate to go through the dog door, not realising the sliding glass door was open- he kept trying to go through the boarded-up dog door… then Penny told him to go through the open glass door and he put his paw through the space, not trusting it to be open, but it was! So he ran through and found me.


So it was very fun, and it was just about the best Christmas thing I’ve done in a long long time. And now I’m on school holidays and Penny is also on holidays so we can train ALMOST EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHHA.

Or… maybe not that much.

Also I might not have anywhere to train as of next Friday. Merry Christmas, Em!

(Not their fault because it’s settlement time, but it still sucks)

Also here’s a video of Lu’s RC from today. I suspect her ‘go-to’ adjustment is going to be that long stride. I had two interesting ones today where she adjusted twice – she was coming at the dogwalk with a lot more speed than we’ve done so far so I suspect she’ll stop doing that as she gets the hang of it and discovers that doing two adjustments like that is hard and dangerous. I hope.


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