running running running

It was very hot today so naturally when I got home I sat in the sunroom (one of the few rooms without aircon), and made my computer do some heavy processing so it got really hot, and I made a video.

(I didn’t tell you all because I was too busy being excited then disappointed about the horse but when we did RC the other day Lu started adjusting her stride and got rear-feet hits. Somewhere along the way it seems to have ‘clicked’ with her. Hurrah!)
So here’s the video complete with fancy, fancy music.


5 thoughts on “running running running

  1. Penny says:

    Dang, your video is too epic for my phone! Gonna have to wait til tomorrow. I got to see the first 1/3 and your video editing skills are fully sick

  2. Ok I have a lot of problems with Lucy… Well I don’t but Lucy does… Ok so I’m walking to the front yard with Lucy and suddenly when we get there straight away her ears go back and she’s scared!?! What? I don’t get it! – Well this is what she does around the house… but when we are in a different area I can train her better:/ she has also gone off tennis balls and toys.. So she dosnt like them.. I really want her to be like ball obsessed and loves to tug, is there any training classes around that do that? Anyways do you have tips, ideas?

    • Em says:

      Ok the scared one is hard to say without being there, seeing her behaviour and seeing the surrounds. Is anything different in or around the yard? What happens after you get into the yard?
      As for the toys, I found that when I really wanted Lu to love playing and love toys, I put a lot of PRESSURE on her to play. Like, I’d get all serious about playing, and if she didn’t play well, I’d be frustrated and feel like we’d failed in some way. The best thing I’ve done to build her love for toys and playing lately has just been to play. Around the house, with whatever. Cardboard inside of the toilet roll? Great toy. Old gardening glove? The best! Small coke bottle! Yes! Hands under a blanket? Brilliant! This has meant she now constantly brings me toys so we can play, and when we play tug, she’s not letting go. So I wonder if you’re putting pressure on Lucy to play and because of that, she’s avoiding playing. I’ve actually been taking a great online class from the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy that is all about building your relationship through play, and it’s been fantastic. I think that if she’s not ball obsessed now, she won’t become ‘obsessed’ – she might come to enjoy playing with a ball, but I’d take the pressure off you and her by hoping she becomes obsessive. If she does, great (kind of… there’s downsides to obsessive behaviours as well) and if she doesn’t, that’s ok- work with the dog you have.

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