Just quickly:
This morning, doing RC, I accidentially threw the ball into the corner of the other paddock…




Lu, ever the trooper, ran over to collect her ball. Realised there was a horse, but wasn’t deterred. SHE WAS GOING TO GET HER BALL, DAMNIT!!! So she skitted around the horse, not sure whether to bark at it or get out of its way or what but she wasn’t leaving the job unfinished- she had to get that ball. Eventually, she ducked in, the horse moved a bit, she grabbed the ball and ran out- triumphant…!


But the amazing thing? She was so focused on her job- she wasn’t thinking about how fun the horse would be to chase, she didn’t even ditch the ball to come play with the soccer-ball for her JP, she wasn’t completely distracted by the horse even though she literally had to get under its legs almost. WHAT?! This same dog was barking at that horse just over a week ago. Amazing.

2 thoughts on “magical

  1. Penny says:

    Ok so i have read the later post but i personally still think this is a super milestone!! As for freaking robo horse…it needs to be barked at, we cant have robot-fly-horse Frankenstein creations in this world Emily. Not on my watch, not on Lumens watch either.

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