play fiend

This Fenzi class has been so good for us. Not that we’ve sort of actively been doing the homework, as such, but I think my brain works in such a way that unless I have the impetus to do something that doesn’t directly relate to something tangible (eg. train these jumps and it will become a serpentine. a leads to b.) then I don’t necessarily focus on it. Getting better at play? One of those things. A- (play) leads to …. ?? B- fun…? Ok, well that’s nice but what’s the point?

Anyway, being in the class has given me a reason to play more, and I can see it working. It’s so cool.

For example, and this is super naughty, but super cute, Lu is now constantly demanding play. I’ll be chopping something in the kitchen when all of a sudden I have raspy paws and claws on my back as she stands on her hind legs with a toy in her mouth, wanting to play. I’m now channelling this demand into her working (eg. doing some tricks) before we play.

She used to bring me a toy and I’d try and tug with it and I’d let her ‘win’ the toy off me, and she’d wander off like there were more interesting things to do- today, she adjusted her grip and brought it right back for more. I literally can’t get rid of her now- she wants to play while I’m on the computer and it’s HARD to play properly when you’re sitting down!

When we were doing RC a couple of weeks ago, I’d use her soccerball as a jackpot- and sometimes she’d sort of be like: “meh” and just ditch it. NOW… she flies after it, picks it up, runs over to me, drops it at my feet and backs up, tail wagging, eyes bright and wide, ready for me to kick it. She’s actively choosing me. It’s so cool.

She seems to be into playing more at the field, too (though we’re still working on this, I think I just need to take some more time to play there, too, not just train. This will be easier when we get a place where I can train in the yard)… and she’s playing tug- she’s not letting go! She’s not doing the big BC pull-back tug, but she holds on and moves around with me. It’s good.

And best of all? She just seems happy, and more connected with me. Which, I guess, is what the class was all about.


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