cheeks mcgee

How could you not give her 100,000 nicknames? Photo taken at school as she tries to shake to death a toy bear or dog. Children = scarred for life.

How could you not give her 100,000 nicknames? Photo taken at school as she tries to shake to death a toy dog. Children = scarred for life.

I’ve had too many serious ‘progress’ report posts lately so here’s one a bit different.


Does anybody have any good nicknames for their dogs? Weird ones? Ones that don’t have a logical origin point but somehow make sense? Lu has had so many already, poor girl. Let’s see how the progression went:





Bu bear

Lumabean (jumping bean or kind of like a lima bean… is that a thing? I thought it was a real thing…)


Bi (or Bee, or just B)



Cuteness Factory (or Sweetness factory, when she’s being sweet and not naughty)

Cheekster (cos she’s cheeky)


and most recently

Cheeks McGee.


And then there’s Mal, who’s had many – too many to remember, but most recently he is:

Snootmaster General, reporting for duty.

Snootmaster General, reporting for duty.

The Snoot (because Nic is Canadian originally and says things like oot and hoose and aboot (not really, only sort of) we used to ask Mal why he has such a long snout… which of course came out as Snoot)

Snooty Fool

Big fella

Old fella

Snooty fella

Snootmaster General



Ok… maybe we’re just weird. Got any good ones?


8 thoughts on “cheeks mcgee

  1. Amanda says:

    I started off normal enough and Leo was just that… Then of course came leo puppy and chicken legs (it’s amazing how much he shrinks in water).

    Kinta is girlie, kitakins, Lacey (her original name before me!), chookie (no idea why there are so many chicken references?) and kina-girl (said in a high squeaky voice if you please!)

    Tahli was the baby of the family. Named tahlia it was two days or less before she was Tahli. Now Tah-LI-AH when she’s naughty! Then tahli became tahli-bub, to tahli-bug to Bug! And she is very much a bug!

    Koda is also dumb dumb, stoopid, KK, Mr Koda, late news koda and a tonne of others too!!

  2. Not weird at all! and I often tell adopters of dogs (new to them) that they CERTAINLY can change their dog’s name and right away. My dogs answer to so many names, there’s no way I can list them all, but in order of originality and weirdness:


    Daze (Razor Daze)
    Happy Daze
    Putz (look it up, it’s Jewish, and not fit for your family blog hehehe)
    My ex used to call him Swifty

    Bum (he actually gets called this MUCH more than his normal name. And I know you guys use that for butt, but Americans don’t really very much. So it’s not like I’m calling him a butt all the time hehehe)
    Bum bum

  3. Penny gets Penn more than anything because I hate the two syllables. She also gets anna banana second most then reddog, badness, Vizsla (yes. She responds to her breed like it’s her name LOL), supastar& random others those these are her most common!

  4. Penny says:

    The funniest name was my old boss’s name for Panshanger. He would always say, “How’s that dog of yours going? Shangfanger?”

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