Ok don’t let the excited title make you get too expectant, it isn’t quite as amazing as it seems, but it is quite good.




Just under…

2/3 of a dogwalk…

On full height…



Actual rear-foot separation!!


Ohhhh my splodgy fool, now that you’ve shown you can do it there’s no turning back.

Still massively preferring FF hits but that’s her and whatever she wasn’t leaping 100% of the time, not even 80% of the time, in fact she only leapt properly about 40% of the time and they’re usually times where her body is in the same place and she’d rather leap than land on a downward angle with her front feet. Or something. Who knows.

Anyway, the plan now is just to edge our way back, stride-length by stride length until we have a full DW from a nice starting spot, and then I suppose we start changing her starting spot?! But… I think… we might actually be able to get it. And maybe not in like, 6 months, maybe in like ONE month, or maybe TWO, but that’s better than NEVER. HA HA!!!!! Everything’s coming up Lumen!

(I’m hoping there’s not a whole lot of overreach that I’m missing/can’t see here cos that would make me very sad, but I think it’s mostly ok)



4 thoughts on “SUCCESS!!!

  1. Penny says:

    well I for one am overexcited for you!!

    Plus that video is so so so so so damn funny to listen to with sound up! Oh I listened to it twice last night for laughs. What are you saying at the end?

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