personal play (and how I’ve been sorely mistaken, and/or- have I been doing it wrong this whole time?)

As part of my new play class, I had to assign a number between 1-10 to say how much Lu enjoyed each type of play- food play, toys, and personal.

I rated food as 7, toys at 5, and personal at 5, too.

Personal play being mucking around with your dog without any toys – just you, and your dog. In the class, Denise Fenzi is often saying that this is the more difficult one, the one most people have trouble with.
When I took my video, I was surprised that it was the personal play that she seemed happiest doing…


And then tonight, after a bit of focus-training at the field (going really well, by the way!!! Very happy), I got home and started to make dinner. I don’t know what set it off, she must have kept climbing on me for attention (she’s so bad mannered and I so don’t care, it’s terrible) so I started to play with her (and keep in mind, we do this ALL THE TIME, I just hadn’t really considered it as much before). We played the raspberries-on-the-face-then-bite-Em’s-arm game, we played a new one where she puts her head/shoulders between my legs and I walk forward while she walks backwards- stuck between my legs, then I let go and run backwards, and she races after me to pounce me…. we played “back up” which she adores as much as a game, and moreso when I started adding taking a deep breath when she was far enough away, then saying “go!” or “ok!” so she’d run in and pounce me (I was kneeling on the ground by then)… and then combining backing up with jumping into my arms for a raspberry-to-the-face game… and some spins, and LOTS of barking. Oh lord, this girl has such a high-pitched bark, it’s so painful to the ears. But she never barks. And her tail was wagging! She loves personal play. She loves it so much. We played for 20 minutes straight!!! I can’t get that level of enthusiasm out of her at the field yet- but we haven’t really tried much, and hopefully that’s what this course will help with…


PLUS!!!! Very excited- there’s a whole lecture on “My dog is biting me”. YES!!! Maybe I won’t have to show up to work with teeth-sized bruises all over my right wrist!!!


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