This morning, I raised the plank- instead of 20cm, I went the whole rest of the way so it’s now on full height. Silvia said I could! Silvia told me to!

That being said Miss Lu was a bit blah this morning (she had a pretty big weekend and yesterday did about an hour of ‘water jumps’ trying to beat Pan to the ball) AND it was a warm morning… I knew she wasn’t in the mood after the got a good one and I tried to JP her with her soccer ball and she kept hold of the ball in her mouth and didn’t want to play. Yep. Back in the car with you.


I think of about 10-15 goes this morning we had about 3 JPs, which, had this been when I put it up to 800mm last time I would have been stressing out about, I’m not… because when I put it up to 800mm we had about 4-5 sessions of LOTS of leaps, and then she started to get all crouchy and started not leaping. So, it’s ok. I saw promise today so we’ll stay at full height. I personally feel heaps better with it being on full height because it means we’re working on the ‘real thing’, not just putting in session after session after session knowing it’s probably all going to go out the window again when I raise it.

I just thought, I was getting really consistent hits from a 5m start but not much rear-foot separation in that instance, how will a change of angle change her running?

It seems really interesting to me that adding a carpet extension didn’t really do much for her I don’t think- she stopped over-reaching with her hind-feet but she still leaps off as if it’s not even there.


Anyway. Mal did really well. He had lots and lots of JPs. He likes this height. He didn’t like 800mm so much. Interesting, hey?


Maybe Lumen is still upset that I shaved a tiny patch of her tummy. (she was very, very angry yesterday. Angry and sad. I’ve never seen such a sad angry dog over a small patch of fur being clipped off. She would not have coped well had she been born a spoodle.)


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