I can totally make these. Watch me get my hammer… and… er… some nails… and like… some kind of tool that cuts wood. We have 2 of those! I’m spoiled for choice.


I’ve always felt like I have an entrepreneurial (that is a really tough word to spell) spirit… I’ve always liked the idea of starting a business and sitting back and watching the money roll in (cos that’s TOTALLY how life works, right? RIGHT?!).

Today I was having a look around to see if I could find some jump wings – none in Aus. Ok. How about jump cups? Nope. Ok. What about just some crummy PVC jumps? I’m feeling lazy and I’d like to see how much it would cost. I don’t want metal ones, they run at $100+ per jump. Ouch. Ooo, look! 3 jumps for $50! Oh… wait, no, they’re in the US and there’s no international shipping.


So… like… I wonder if there’s a little, teeny-tiny market here for people like me who just want to be lazy and buy a damn jump. Or like, buy some nice wooden jump wings. I reckon I could make wooden jump wings pretty easily. I know, there’s not a huge agility community here but there has to be a better option than buying jump wings from the US. It wouldn’t cost me that much in timber and paint to make some… I keep meaning to do it for myself but I just run out of time. BRING ON THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! It will be a jump-wing-making bonanza. I seriously think that wings would make her jumping better (easier to see) and easier for things like thredles, serps, etc… Just gives it that extra visibility- I can hardly imagine how she finds seeing a single upright PVC pole when she’s trying to do a serpentine and take the jumps from the side. Ouch. Anybody want to join me on a jump-making bonanza some day?


So… maybe… maybe there’s an idea.

By the way, we’ve been thinking about buying this property but now I don’t think we will and I still don’t know if it’s the right idea not to, but maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t, but maybe it is. So conflicted. BTW if you’re not local, it looks like an awful, horrible amount of money (though they’re willing to take 50k less) but take my word for it, $450k for a pretty average 3 bedroom house seems to be the average price around here these days.


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