I just had a thought.

A quick one, I promise.

Because sometimes I get stuck on how hard and annoying things are (really? the last few posts are NOTHING like that. Arhm)… and I forget to look at the good stuff.

I just thought about something someone said about doing RC and that was that by the time you compete your dog has done SO MANY dogwalks that it will be super confident which, for a fear-of-heights dog like Lu, is perfect.


And then I remembered back to when I first got a DW-width plank and put it on the ground and Lu wouldn’t even run over that. She didn’t want to TURN AROUND on it because she thought she was going to die. Seriously. I had to do tricks on it to get her confidence up just being on this plank on the ground…

And now, nearly at 1m high, she can run full-speed across and not bat an eyelid.


And if that’s not something to be positive about, I don’t know what is.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to cheer up: things are ok, and will get better.  (PMS doesn’t help, too.)





5 thoughts on “+ve

  1. Penny says:

    Wow AGAIN! Jeez how fast is she from 5m? You could see the difference so much. I loved this session too

    And yeah, PMS hey? Dont talk to me about it. I am getting my uterus cut out the first opportunity I get

    • Em says:

      Yeah 3 stride DW hey!? Silvia said not to start with speed cos she wanted to do a 3-strider but was leaping at the end but I ignored her advice 😉

      PMS is horrible. I like your idea about the uterus.

      • Ahh ok now that I have seen it I can teach lucy:D and na I didn’t think that, your a teacher i think that thers a lot of work;) anyways she seems to be wayyyyy better in training at the park:) like she likes where there’s destructions… But when thers a dog she just wants to play so I have been practising what your told me on come, wait for a good moment when she’s not sniffing and so on.. It’s working! Now I just need to get the heeling part right for Lucy’s test in dog training to see if she passes:D thxs again!

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