look, Lumen, you CAN have rear-leg separation

Spread 'em. (ew)

Spread ’em. (ew)


Now that there’s videographic proof, there’s no going back.


(also, I got told today by a cyber safety guy that it’s ok if kids from school have found my blog and that I’m even allowed to swear more because it’s my personal space, so hi guys *waves* and sorry about any additional swearing)


here’s the video for that photo if you’re particularly interested.

(a note about the music on the video: I really wanted a song with the word ‘carpet’ in it – as much as listening to the straight slow-motion bird sounds appeals to me, I thought that ‘magic-carpet’ related songs would be more fun… Well, YouTube surprisingly has no good ‘carpet’ themed songs so I went with  strictly Arab-themed instead. If you’re watching this before my excellently chosen music, enjoy the slow-motion bird sounds from the aviary next door which makes me think I’m on some kind of alien planet or some kind of other-worldly jungle.)


3 thoughts on “look, Lumen, you CAN have rear-leg separation

  1. Penny says:


    How did her session go so good!??? Holy moly poly boly!


    Just wow. Oh so happy for you.

    Loved the song too. Like a lot I loved it

    • Em says:

      Well it’s not SO good but it’s getting betterer. I’d be happy for a higher % of JPs but it’s certainly more than what we were getting.
      She loves the DW though- she’s so so keen to go when I set her up and tell her to wait 😉 it’s cute her ultra-intensity 😉

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