cut me a break, seriously.

Warning, warning, whinging ahead.

So, joy of joys, Lu has begun over-reaching on the DW. Sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she does.

When I finally start to get the leaping under control, she just has to think up some other ridiculous way to make training difficult. As if not clicking when she doesn’t hit is hard enough, now I get to not click when she DOES hit because her back legs are doing something weird. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So I have to try and train my eyes to see where her front feet hit and then expect a back foot hit too IF her front feet hits in the top third of the plank.

And if that wasn’t all great enough, we had a really terrible jumping session yesterday. Some of it I thought looked OK, but then when I watch the video I see her do this weird thing where instead of landing front-back, she tries to land with all 4 at once almost. What. Why. Can’t she just do something normally? Seriously.

If I can find a screen-shot of her doing this I'll show you.

If I can find a screen-shot of her doing this I’ll show you.


Hover-dog landing

Hover-dog landing – maybe this looks normal. I don’t think so.


And yet, maybe this is more normal?

And yet, maybe this is more normal?



Silvia said I should use carpet to warm up for running (and JP rear-feet), and also to put carpet on the end of the DW. I’m hoping the over-reaching is just from her wanting to avoid hitting the end of the plank with her toes or whatever. So that makes me feel better, at least she wasn’t all: OH YOUR DOG HAS REGRESSED YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO CARPET NO MORE HEIGHT NO NO JUST GO BACK TO CARPET AND STAY THERE FOR THREE MONTHS.

Interestingly, I just had a look at our ST video from last time at this point, and it seems like the serpentines are when she started doing weird jumps. I need to remember to drop the bars down when we’re learning serps so she can build up her confidence with them too, and not rush straightening them.  Huh. I’d never noticed how much she started worrying about the bars at that point- straight lines were ok, but when they started getting sideways. Maybe I’ll shape her over a sideways jump like how I shaped her over a straight-line jump to build her confidence. That could help.

Anyway. If I’m lucky she’ll do something like decide to pop out of weave #7, and like, turn around in the tunnel halfway through, and whatever. Can’t something just be easy???

Sometimes I think about planning on breeding her, and jeez I adore her and her personality and she’s so awesome, and so cool, but… I don’t want to go through this jumping thing again. I don’t want to have to go through the whole thing of trying to motivate a dog to play (and look, could be my fault and didn’t play with her enough as a puppy, I don’t know)… and what if that’s what I get in a pup? Rgg. I don’t know. Wah.


12 thoughts on “cut me a break, seriously.

  1. Penny says:

    The running contact session looked like a massive improvement from the last one you posted! Her separation looked much better than last time, big improvement there. The overeach thing would be doing my head in too but as an outsider it does look hugely scary, doesn’t silvia say somewhere that the dog isn’t running properly if it can fit front ANd both back feet in the contact? Plus she is super long. To me she doesn’t look like she is actively avoiding the end. that would be scary! To me she looks like she is in a big learning period, it had to happen at some point, after this hard time you might even see her start to adjust… That’s what happened with Badger and Kraft anyway.

    Your picture is great! Too funny. Good pickup about the angled jumps! That could completely encourage her to jump weird. Facinating…very frustrating but facinating! 😉

    • Em says:

      Silvia said it’s definitely over-reach but ‘not bad yet’. She said it’s not running properly if it can fit all 4 feet, but I think 3 is fine (Lu could feasibly fit the toe of one in the very edge, then both other feet in, given the right circumstances). In the video- there’s two where her front foot hits almost exactly the same place- in one go, her back foot doesn’t hit again until OFF the contact, and in the other, it hits in the last quarter – so the first was OR). It’s just so frustrating that this stuff keeps happening… And today’s session was not great at all. I confused her with carpet (needed to jump over that, apparently) and the heat and then I’m paranoid about rewarding OR but I’m not sure if I can see it or not. Rrrg.
      But, about adjusting, I watched a bit more of the DVD today and there’s a bit where she says adjusting can be as simple as them putting a front paw in the contact where they would have usually just gone over the top of it- I’ve seen her do that about 3 times now! So, that’s really, really interesting.
      So I don’t know whether just to throw it in and raise it and see if a different angle helps or whether I should just keep trucking along here and hope the OR doesn’t get any worse… :S

      • Penny says:

        Yeah I can see it now when i watch the video a few times. Wouldnt raising it make the OR worse? The angle gets sharper, the rf hits get harder, separation decreases?
        She does prefer ff hits, she always has. I don’t know the answer but maybe reading Lorai’s blog would help. I will get the link

      • Em says:

        I don’t know- it might, or it might make the plank go ‘into’ the ground more…? I don’t know. I’m honestly out of ideas and answers. Do I continue like this? Do I keep using carpet (I got 2 nice hits out of quite a few, so not a great hit-rate, but it could just take some tweaking)…? Do I go higher? Do I go lower. I don’t know. My brain hurts. Do I pile up some grass at the end and try and trick her into thinking where the plank ends and grass begins. (I can’t really build a ditch for the plank because it’s not my place).

      • Penny says:

        Hmm i hope that works, but loralei had heaps of overreach issues. Maybe something will spark your enthusiasm. The great thing is it isn’t an engrained problem, the bad thing is you are not going to sleep very well until your next session (?) 😉. I like the continuing with the carpet extension, pretty sure the benefits of it didn’t show up for thee or more sessions for Badger because i had to gain his trust again

      • Em says:

        Thanks for your wise words as always. Did your carpet start direct at the contact zone? Did he try jumping over it at first but then figured out it was ok? Maybe I’ll have some more tries with long carpet & read that blog. The 2 hits we did get were very very nice. More of them would be great. God this sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. Why can’t we just tell them what we want and they just do it?! 😉

      • Penny says:

        I know, it is crazy making this stuff!! So bananas.

        Badgers carpet started 10cm down the contact and when 20cm past the contact onto the ground. But other peoples carpet went half way up the ramp and for about 10 freaking kms afterwards 😉 Badger jumped it for a whole session at one point. The carpet was going to kill him

      • Em says:

        Ok! Great! I might move my carpet up higher then, and it’s 4m long so she can’t possibly jump over all of it!! Maybe that will just help her run down. I didn’t know you used carpet with Badger. Sometimes it seems like it’s been so easy with him so it’s kind of nice to hear when it wasn’t so easy (sorry!!!)

  2. Penny says:

    And some other points

    – you would not have stuffed up Lumen as a puppy and not played with her. I just don’t believe it.
    – I wouldn’t believe anything I say about any of this stuff because I am just guessing
    – I still love the detail in that picture you made!

  3. Penny says:

    No don’t be sorry, I feel that way about you and Lumen and your tricks!! She is always pulling out new rad tricks and I am still making my dog sit up and beg!

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