I’ve begun waking up to piles of fluffy, downy fur all over my face. Sometimes when I run my hand over Lu’s back, I can grab a clump of fur.
Anyone with an Aussie or other long-haired dog is probably thinking ‘yeah, so what?’, but up until now, Lu hasn’t shed, or at least hardly at all.
Recently her breeder said her litter sister was dropping her puppy coat, so I looked at Lu and her thick course fur along her back and thought: really? There’s more to come?!
Though, that being said, where Mal can swim (ha, cos that happens so often) and Shake and be pretty much dry, Lu swims, shakes, and will still be wet 4+ hours later.
So I probably shouldn’t be surprised but it looks like miss bean is in the process of growing herself a shiny new adult coat. Shame about the piles of fluffy grey hair I’m finding everywhere in the meantime!


2 thoughts on “coat

  1. HA!!! Penny and I were just talking about you! and your fluffy dog! I have found that I can brush these Aussies EVERY DAMN DAY and still get more and more coat off of them. Rumble isn’t too bad yet, but Razor is a shedding machine. I use the proper tools and all that. Still — HAIR! Sigh. At least they’re very snuggy and warm when it’s cold, like it is now. 🙂

    • Em says:

      Woah! About me!?
      Yeah I’m very lazy when it comes to brushing Mal, and just accept the fact that there will be tumbleweeds in the corners of the house if I don’t vacuum for a week… but Lu hasn’t shed much AT ALL yet. It’s been wonderful. Every time I brush her it’s been just as a socialisation gesture because nothing ever came out. I was beginning to think I had a wonderful freak of a dog but…. no. Doesn’t appear that way. That being said if she gets an actual real undercoat that stops her being so wet ALL THE TIME, I’ll be happy about that.
      And yes, they are very warm- it’s cold here today, too. 😉 Last night Lu fell asleep on top of me, lengthways. It was wonderful, albeit slightly damp (as always).

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