jump jump


Here is a video of what was essentially 45 minutes of running dogwalk. I know, it was WAY too long. Like, WAY WAY too long. And by the end she wasn’t running at her normal speed but at the time she felt fast and we were actually having some successes and she was still keen so we kept going. At one point in the first session I tied her up for a break and she literally yelled at me to keep going. HUH?! Loved that. So I ran Mal, then I gave her another go.

Silvia says I’m allowed to stay on this height and keep trying what I’m doing since there’s some improvement now. Jeez I hope every height change isn’t this hard. I found that putting the jump at the end of the DW seemed to help as she’d started curling back to me to check for a reward in the 1st half therefore GETTING good hits but only because she was slowing down to turn. The jumps she did were pretty shocking so I need to remember to take the bar off so it’s just a 5cm bar and she doesn’t have to worry about ‘actually jumping’ it.

I hope you appreciate the music. (at time of posting it hasn’t updated with music but will soon)

Then there’s a cute little video of some serps. We started with it fairly open, but she was working so, so nicely that I figured I’d see what she did when I closed it, since we have done it before.

There’s a super adorable one there where I just wanted to practise a turn out of the straight tunnel, since the try beforehand she blasted out and continued forward… So I turned her out, got her over the jump, threw the frisbee then watched in amazement as she did the rest of the serpentine before going to get it. This girl’s obstacle focus is continuing to amaze me. Sometimes I start her on the DW at some point and she’s STARING ahead. I think she’s staring AT something, but there’s nothing there, she’s just staring ahead for the ball. Holy crap. Without intentionally teaching it, she seems to set up in a stay, look at me for a bit, then stare ahead. Good girl.


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