Oh no! Lumen’s hurt her paw!


I’m so stoked about this trick. Now it’s just a matter of fading my hand (which I’ve started as you can see on the video) and adding a verbal cue (should I have “Limp” or “Lame?”) and then being able to position myself somewhere else for her to do it. I’m just so amazed that she’s managing to learn the 2 tricks I thought I’d never teach, or be able to teach. NOW… if she can just get her stupid RC back into order….

She even had overreach in that video, which is terrifying and I want it to go far away. I didn’t see her do it in ‘live’ as Silvia says, so hopefully it’s a once-off trying to avoid the end of the plank or something?


One thought on “Oh no! Lumen’s hurt her paw!

  1. How about something fun like OH NO!!! You Hurt your Paw??

    I hardly ever name my tricks a “command” that’s just not fun.
    So like for the closing the cupboard trick? I’m all “can you close it for me?” It’s cuter that way!

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