Yesterday we raised the plank! Yes, we went up to 800mm and I had about 70% leaping. Which isn’t that bad, really, but it’s still like: wahhhhhh, where’d my beautiful running go?

Penny says this is very normal and that Badger did the same thing every time she raised the plank, for 2-3 sessions. So I feel ok now.

Also she is wrapping and doing things very nicely. I like her.
Sunday (today) I decided to take them (her) lure-coursing. For those of you who don’t know, there’s a field and they set up a little course (it was just a square today, I’m not sure if there’s usually more twists and turns?) with wires on the ground and a plastic bag attached to the wires. A man runs a motor which makes the bag zip along the ground like a rabbit. You can go on YouTube and search ‘Lure coursing’. Anyway, I’d tried it a long long time ago with Mal and he said: “YAY I CAN CHASE…!” and then very quickly realised he was all alone and way too far away from me and came running back and didn’t leave. Sigh. Lumen though, I figured a) loves chasing, and b) loves running off on me to chase things.

We also brought Panshanger along because she’d done it before and was a sighthound sort of and was going to be the expert and they were going to get all competitive and stuff. Sigh. (you can see what happened with that plan in the photos).

Meanwhile, if you ever want lots, and lots and lots of photos of your dogs running full speed with fierce intensity, take them lure coursing. I had 600+ photos to filter through and all of them great examples of Lumen running full speed which, if you’ve followed my blog for any longer than a week, you’ll know I’m a little obsessed with running photos of my dogs. I just think they look so cool and athletic and majestic. I can’t help it. It’s a problem. In fact, I got so many photos today that when we go again I don’t know if I’ll bother with the camera.

Mal actually went in with Lu on her 3rd turn and at first he was just chasing her but in the end he did all 3 laps and didn’t worry about me- I think all the hiking where he’s beginning to go further and further without me has really helped.

Tomorrow they’re seeing a guy who does T-Touch and a bunch of other weird-sounding therapies because I want to make sure they’re ok and also for some reason I’ve become totally paranoid (become?!) and convinced that Lu is sore, possibly in the back. She’s probably not but I have to have something to obsess about. Also the woman who reccomended him to me says she noticed heaps of changes in her dogs when they go, both positive behavioural changes, and also in her young dog’s jumping style- that she got easier, wrapped better, extended more, etc etc. Sounds good to me!

Anyway, enjoy another batch of photos of Lumen running, this time while chasing a plastic bag. (and also some other stuff).


5 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Yup, lucky (my other dog) loved lure coursing and I mean LOVED! She would try anything to try to get in the arena! And I Have been to that Lure course:D (last year) it was full of Rhodesiant ridge backs 🙂

    Sent from Melanie

    • Em says:

      Hi, I lied, we have a cyber safety thing tomorrow after school and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. I teach a class Thursday — maybe we could do it Friday afternoon? I have to meet with a parent straight after school but I don’t think it will take long. 🙂 Sorry for being so busy!

  2. Those are some hilarious& fabulous photos! Love the majestic ninja& Lu is stunning as always. Wishing we had coursing around here ..not that my pointer would chase it LOL!

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