couple of videos

Here’s some RC. I’m really pleased with this session because she looked really nice doing the tunnel-jump bit, especially since Mal missed that jump a few times (what the?!) and Lu just stretched out and took it… and there were lots of really nice hits even though she was coming at it with speed. I expect the 1st run will be a leap and then she goes: “oh yeah, this thing” and does it properly. I didn’t even start her slow for this session, just ran her on.

Then there’s some weaves and I think I’m throwing too late so she’s looking at me rather than forward. I’ve widened the channel again because she was having a lot of trouble with the 2nd pole so I’m going back to this and then will narrow them again when her entries are more reliable. I think I rushed a bit.

And then a little sequence that was just meant to be figure-8s, eventually including some other stuff but you’ll see that she’s looking for obstacles so much that she goes behind me and does some random jumps. LOVE that she’s looking for obstacles- don’t love that she’s ignoring me. So I think I’ll do this again and with more of a call to hand, and reward from the hand some, and THEN get her going through the tunnel, and repeat the same on the other side. She was jumping really nicely though…

I’m wondering if she’s a bit sore actually. We’ve been doing a fair bit of walking, though nothing excessive, and the wraps are still at 400mm which is high-ish… I’ve just been seeing more of her ‘tired-dog’ walking at the end of a hike, where she pace-walks, and swings her back legs out wide with each step… Even when we were doing 1.5-2 hour hikes in the bush I hadn’t been seeing MUCH of that walk but I certainly saw a lot yesterday. So, since the weather is going to be nice and cold for the next 2 days, we’ll have hiking days, and then see how she goes with some RC on Thursday, and possibly even leave wraps until Friday or Saturday. Which is annoying, because I’d like to train the call-to-hand-wrap-with-distraction-obstacles but I’ll leave it. It’s just a feeling I’ve got, you know?


5 thoughts on “couple of videos

    • Em says:

      Yep. I usually can’t leave STRAIGHT after school so maybe you want to go get Lucy and bring her back to Ainslie Park? Bring a couple of toys and some treats too or something? Unless your Mum was going to bring her after school in which case that’s ok- I can duck out after the bell goes. 🙂

      • Yep that’s sounds great! My mum said that’s great too! Ok so I will bring treats, lucy and some toys to ainslie park after school 😀 It will take about 10 mins depending how fast I walk from school then come back with the items:D

      • Em says:

        Ok take your time, I can get some stuff done at school, and when you get back just come and knock on the door of our little office in the prep/1 room and I’ll come out. 🙂

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