some truly hilarious photos

Somehow, this Sunday, I managed to take about 80% of photos where my dogs looked ugly. They looked fat, they were pulling faces, they were blurry… In all, it was quite spectacular photo-taking. I also managed to capture some monster leaps from Lu, but also some jumps with her back legs stretched out.

On that thought, I wonder if it’s the Aussie-shep jumping style that makes them tuck their legs up as they clear the bar and that it’s not necessarily something I should concern myself with. Mal tucks his legs up as he clears the jump and he rarely knocks bars. So… monster leaps = no, tucking legs up= meh, why not.

Also, further to my whingy “I’m sick and everything sucks” post from the other day, what I thought was ‘sandfly bites’ may actually be hives given the fact that I haven’t been to the sand in a week and I seem to be getting new bumps in new places daily. HURRAH, so that’s something new.

Enjoy the gallery of my dogs jumping logs (jeez that’s a bad time to have the j and the h button next to each other…) and pulling horrible faces.


2 thoughts on “some truly hilarious photos

    • Em says:

      Well look, there was no Warragul rocks, but I don’t know if much will compete with that…
      The forest felt much more open than Tallarook – less climbing over trees. It was quite nice in there, still hilly… I don’t know if it’s easier or harder for you to get to. Probably harder cos you can get to Tallarook via ours & we can all go together.

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