full speed DW

So training yesterday was muggy and yuck. I had a go at some extension jumping with Lu, as per Silvia’s suggestion to click & reward the best ones… but I need to move the bars in a bit because it’s at a not-great distance for her right now where taking one stride means a long, far jump, but taking two strides would see her smashing into the bar with her chest. So I need to fix that before she gets worried about all jumps. I am so anxious about what on earth she’s going to do in trials where jumps are all different distances apart. Hrm.


Anyway. Point of the post. We did a couple of DW practises but they were ok, pretty slow, either starting on, or just off the DW… and then I said: stuff it, I’m going to try one with a whole lot of speed…

The 3 tries are below. The last one got her a jump in the bathtub out back (full of water) with the hose game.


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