falling to pieces

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post, it just cheers me up because I could go walking in the bush for the first time in over a week.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post, it just cheers me up because I could go walking in the bush for the first time in over a week because it was cold and raining so there weren’t going to be any snakes afoot. (what would you say for snakes? they don’t have feet so they can’t be ‘afoot’ surely… ‘abelly’? ‘aslither’?

I’m sick again.

Oh, fair warning. If you don’t want to read a post about me whinging about life, you should stop now.

It’s nothing major, the sickness, just a cold.

Another cold.

I swear, this is number 4 or 5 this year, including the flu one. I’ve lost count. I’m over it.

I’m also still fatigued alot. Like, I can get out and run agility, or do tricks with Lu, but at school I feel tired and at home, tired. It’s quite frustrating because everyone says that when they went vegan they suddenly had a lot of energy. I was the opposite. Also, everyone says that when they went vegan, they never get sick. Again, opposite.

I feel like I’m falling to pieces. Sitting here with an ice-pack on the weird top-part of my ankle, foot… thing.. that I can’t even find a name for.. because it’s playing up again, snuffling with my stupid cold and wondering if maybe I should just go to bed because I can’t be bothered making dinner (not even a salad or something) or driving to get some noodles because that would involve changing out of my PJs and into clothes and also getting in the car and then reversing down the driveway which is way more effort than I’m willing to put in right now…

And while we’re on the topic of food, I’ve been super healthy lately. Like, seriously, loading up on the fruit and veg. Breakfast is half a banana and this nut/seed mix, then snack is some fruit and some carrot and capsicum in hummus, lunch is usually some leftovers or whatever, more snack, more fruit, or dates or something… bit of dark chocolate, and dinner has been lots of salads and sometimes thai curries. And yet, AND YET… I’m feeling bloated and gross in the guts. I’m being punished for eating more vegetables. How is this fair?

And then there’s Lumen who is really bad about being a dog right now. She apparently needs lots of tissues and anything cardboard, or like, Nic’s glasses, or a heat pack that’s lying around. And she still can’t jump and she hates doing weaves so she goes all slowly because I made weaves really un-fun. So hey, there’s a bit more stress and oh, also, we’re thinking of selling our house that we’ve only been in for a year because I might not have an agility field any more by Feb and I’d really like to train in our backyard so we’re trying to make that happen but anywhere nice to live is on a fricken hill unless you want to go to some crummy suburb in which case it’s flat but yuck. Maybe if we had an extra 200k to throw around…


So anyway, I don’t want to blame being sick, tired, and feeling horrible in the guts on being vegan because that’s dumb and what am I going to do anyway because I don’t want to eat animals because I like animals and I don’t see how a chicken breast every now and then could make me feel better but I seriously feel like my health has declined since going vegan even though I’m eating more nuts, seeds, fruit and veg. I don’t understand.

Life sucks.



Also we found an echidna. Lumen poked it with her nose and was very confused about why this particular creature was prickling her.

Also we found an echidna. Lumen poked it with her nose and was very confused about why this particular creature was prickling her.


6 thoughts on “falling to pieces

  1. Sounds like a lot on your plate ..if it helps, I know a few people who went vegan& suffered some serious downsides. They stuck it out& seem to be doing better now. Took quite a few months though!
    Bright side? Beautiful photo of the pups 🙂

    • Em says:

      Well we’ve been vegan for probably a year and a half now. :S I don’t know, maybe it’s just crummy timing, it’s just hard to not blame a massive change on your diet when you don’t remember feeling so tired beforehand.

      Thanks, too. 🙂 I have this photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=556525493360&l=b94ecd5b4c
      Where Lumen very stubbornly refused to put her feet on the log and since we were stopping, she might as well have a rest, thanks very much. 😉

  2. Ummm don’t you work WITH CHILDREN???!!! Isn’t every teacher sick for like 5 years when they start because small children are GERM FACTORIES! Hey, that’s what I’ve always heard. My Mom was a cook at a primary school for 12 years, she saw it ALL! and yes, children are covered in colds, flu, chicken pocks, the whole nine yards… I don’t think it’s the vegan, it’s the children. EAT MORE CHILDREN! (no, just joking). But yeah, it’s like being a cattle rancher and coming home smelling of cow poo and wondering why.

    But, if it might make you feel better to have some chicken nuggets… I’d say go for it. MORE SOUP too!

    • Em says:

      Yes, children are certainly germ factories, however it’s very tiresome to be sick for 2 weeks, healthy for 1 week… then sick again… I don’t think my immune system has a chance to like, build up, so I’m just getting sick again and again.
      Lol, chicken nuggets. Never ate many of them, even pregan. 😉 It’s been too hot for soup! It was 30C and muggy the other day! Yuck.

  3. This is not to try to persuade you to eat animals, just a perspective… When I want more energy I start eating meat (cuts with lots of fat – gross but it makes a difference) & veggies & some grains while not eating sugar, fruit, milk or eggs. I don’t like this diet too much so I don’t stick with it for very long, but it works well for my energy. And guess what? Despite eating fatty meats all the time I don’t gain weight on it. I am thinking of going raw (vegan of course) for a month to see what it feels like, exploring my options.
    I don’t think there is a single diet that suits everybody.

    • Em says:

      I don’t think I could eat meat now- just the thought of eating a part of an animal grosses me out. Which is me – I have no issue feeding it to dogs, but… not for in my mouth. 😉
      I’ve started having smoothies in the morning just with some greens, fruits and veg, mixed up with coconut water or juice, some chia seeds, etc.. (forgot them this morning! poo!) and I feel really good about this- haven’t noticed a change in energy or anything necessarily, but feeling less bloated and just… better that I’m getting more fresh, raw fruit and veg.

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