running on 600

Since iMovie is so terrible I couldn't give you a movie so I guess a screen-shot from the clip of the training will have to do.

Since iMovie is so terrible I couldn’t give you a movie so I guess a screen-shot from the clip of the training will have to do.

This morning we did a running DW on 600mm. That’s 25cm higher than where we were…

And it was great.

Her running was easy and comfortable, no weird leaps in the middle, no leaps off the end except for once where her front feet would have landed RIGHT on the edge of the plank if she’d not strided (stridden? Strode?) a little longer like she did.

A couple of no-rewards but that was starting point more than leaping from the middle of the plank. Hurrah!!!

Also did some extension-collection and saw some very weird jumps, and some very nice jumps. I’m beginning to think more and more that with exposure to different scenarios, she’ll figure herself out. I don’t think she finds the big leaps very comfortable or fun, I’m certainly seeing more nice, fast, comfortable jumps in extension than big weird ones now, so… I think she’ll get there.


I’d show you a movie but iMovie just updated and it SUCKS. It sucks so bad. I can’t figure out how to use it. No, I don’t want a random 4 second piece of this clip but no, I don’t want ALL 7 MINUTES of it either… Seriously? And previewing the clip? SUPER JERKY. Like, great, there she’s taking off for the jump and … oh… now she’s landed. Can’t see what happened in between. USEFUL.

So I hate it and want it to die in a big hole full of skunks. Hungry skunks. Skunks that will skunk it and then eat its eyeballs for breakfast. Do you reckon Apple bought some shares in Adobe? (They do Final Cut Pro right?) So people will get so angry with iMovie that they’ll go buy Final Cut Pro and therefore they’ll actually make some money?


But hey, maybe I’ll be less stress-heady because I can’t over-analyse the crap out of my movies because it’s too jerky when I try looking at it frame-by-frame.


2 thoughts on “running on 600

  1. Can’t you just use your old version? or revert to the old version?? You mean they MAKE you download the newest stuff? Hmmm, Itunes doesn’t “make” you … but they strongly strong arm you about it EVERY time you turn it on… sigh.

    Dieing in a big hole of skunks, rabid skunks! would indeed be horrible. 🙂

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