beach times

So it was a warm Saturday here in Melbourne. Lu and I went to agility training and did a very half-hearted session. She does not cope well with the heat, my girl, even when I brought her an exciting new toy – a squirter bottle filled with water! She was perplexed as to where the water was coming from, though her tail was doing its slow, thoughtful wag so maybe she liked it a bit.

Anyway, then Penny and I went to the beach and because it was sunny I put my camera on its fastest shutter speed (4,000) and got to see what it could do… and I’ll say, I got more photos non-blurry than usual. The blurry ones were because it hadn’t focused in the right place, but in general it was quick to focus and seemed to not blur the dogs once in focus, even if they were coming towards me. So maybe there’s promise for the camera yet.

I have discovered that in regards to dog photos I:

– really really like photos of dogs running, most particularly at the point where all 4 legs are jumbled up together and off the ground, and when they’re stretched out really long. When the front feet hits the ground they tend to get an ugly face on.

– also really really like photos of dogs pushing out of the water majestically.

-find photos of dogs licking their noses or generally sticking their tongues out overly amusing.

-find photos of dogs making weird faces because they’re getting splashed in the face highly amusing.

So, below, you’ll find many of the above photos, and also some others that I felt summed up the walk in all its glory.


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