6 minutes.

Further to my last post I decided to time my RC session today for 6 minutes. I’ve noticed that if a session goes well, the film clip tends to be about 6 minutes long. If not, it tends to be TWO LOTS of 6 minute clips.

So, I decided that today I’d go for 6 minutes then wrap it up.


And… Look…


I failed.

Real bad…

But in my defence, I failed because we were having so much fun. And isn’t that the best reason to fail? She was flying fast and not leaping, We had heaps of fun JPs including playing with the soccer ball (new JP toy) or the hose game… I was starting her from way far back and she wasn’t leaping… so… we just kept going for a while.

So I think my new rule will be: I’ll set the 6 minute timer. If I’m having a great session and we’re having fun and she’s enthusiastic, great, we’ll keep going. If we’re having a terrible session where we’re both getting frustrated and confused, when the timer goes off, that’s it, done. Because I know me, and I’m not going to stop early enough otherwise. I need that clear-cut finishing point, no matter what.


So, enjoy our beautiful RC from today. It was great fun. OH!!! AND CHECK OUT OUR TRICK!!!

Oh, and here’s some extension jumping. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing but I don’t think even Mal does the full leg-back-stretch when jumping, and it doesn’t look like Lu will either… her strides are looking awkward but I think it’s the distance- if she stretched out she’d have to jump from too far, so I actually think she’s reading the distance well. Next time I’ll move it closer and see if she does 1 stride instead of 2 short ones.


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