second adolescence?

I think we’re in it.


Here’s what I’m seeing at the moment:

LOTS of destruction – if she manages to steal some cardboard, it’ll be in 1,000 tiny pieces in about 5 minutes. Ok, I’m not discouraging it, it’s cute and funny, but she’s never done it before. Right now, she’s laying down and GNAWING on a rubber ball. She’s never done this. Seriously. She was not a big chewer.Β 

Being distracted when out on the field. Sniffing is very awesome right now. Β Also, ignoring commands (??). I’m putting question marks there because sometimes when we’re out walking she disappears into the bush and I call her, then call her some more, and eventually she comes and I caught a glimpse of her yesterday running FULL SPEED toward me from a LONG WAY away. So I don’t know if she’s ignoring all the time (I know she is sometimes), or if she’s just managed to get herself really far away, so coming takes a really long time – even at a flat out sprint.

There’s also a fair bit of energy to burn at the moment but maybe not more than normal?

And certainly naughtiness. I love her naughtiness, but she’s capitalising on how cute i think it is. Like how she is consistently stealing one of my shoes. Consistently. Or how she takes almost every single toy out of the basket at school, and has a wonderful time with them, but if I give her a toy it’s not nearly as exciting as covert toys.

Might do some googling to see if a 2nd adolescence is a ‘thing’. That being said, I didn’t REALLY have a 1st one, except for having heaps of energy. So maybe this is it?


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