second adolescence?

I think we’re in it.


Here’s what I’m seeing at the moment:

LOTS of destruction – if she manages to steal some cardboard, it’ll be in 1,000 tiny pieces in about 5 minutes. Ok, I’m not discouraging it, it’s cute and funny, but she’s never done it before. Right now, she’s laying down and GNAWING on a rubber ball. She’s never done this. Seriously. She was not a big chewer. 

Being distracted when out on the field. Sniffing is very awesome right now.  Also, ignoring commands (??). I’m putting question marks there because sometimes when we’re out walking she disappears into the bush and I call her, then call her some more, and eventually she comes and I caught a glimpse of her yesterday running FULL SPEED toward me from a LONG WAY away. So I don’t know if she’s ignoring all the time (I know she is sometimes), or if she’s just managed to get herself really far away, so coming takes a really long time – even at a flat out sprint.

There’s also a fair bit of energy to burn at the moment but maybe not more than normal?

And certainly naughtiness. I love her naughtiness, but she’s capitalising on how cute i think it is. Like how she is consistently stealing one of my shoes. Consistently. Or how she takes almost every single toy out of the basket at school, and has a wonderful time with them, but if I give her a toy it’s not nearly as exciting as covert toys.

Might do some googling to see if a 2nd adolescence is a ‘thing’. That being said, I didn’t REALLY have a 1st one, except for having heaps of energy. So maybe this is it?

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