2 things


As evidenced below, my dog can, in fact, run on a dogwalk without leaping off the end. This is indeed good news. She can also run a DW into a tunnel with good speed. Also excellent news. Especially since a swarm of bees had taken up residence on a fence post in the area where I usually throw her ball. Not so great.  Very cute when she would hit the contact and I’d go: “YAYYYY!” and she’d glance at me as if to say: “reward now?!” and I’d be going: “TUNNEL TUNNEL!” and she’d go: “Oh! OK!!!” and do it. Good girl. So I think I’d like to move her back a bit to try a speedier approach and if there’s still no leaping (and I don’t think there should be), then I’ll put it up 10-15cm or so.


When Lu is sequencing she often feels slow. This is not represented by the video where she’s running fast and into the tunnel. I often feel like she’s slowed down and tired but I don’t actually see it. This session was interesting because the jumps are a LITTLE higher than the last video I posted… she looks like she’s putting in a lot of effort to clear most of them but my plan this week will be to do what I did last time- set them at an easy stride distance (about 7.5m) with her reward hoop at the end, and just run that a few times… then move the 2nd bar in or out. I think at the moment she’s worrying about the height when she doesn’t need to- if we go back to showing her it’s just a bigger stride, that should help. The jump out of the tunnel is still hard for her but she didn’t smash it up or land on top of it, she just jumped higher and further than she needed to, but that’s ok, I think she’ll work it out. I’ll just do the same exercise with the jump a certain distance from a straight tunnel, then move it.

Also, Silvia said I was allowed to let her go chase the rabbits away so she could focus better, as long as she did an easy trick (today it was sit, drop, sit… that was all she could muster) and then I released her… and… today, she didn’t stare off into the paddock once. She was focused and happy. So, rabbit chasing will now happen before every session and I’m ok with that cos it means I get to practise my recall, too (and she’s actually really good with that- provided the rabbits are all gone 😉 )


7 thoughts on “2 things

  1. Wow! Great job on doing the multi wraps! I was wondering when would be a good time for us to meet up with Lucy to teach her fetch and a couple of agility tips? Lucy is 8 months old next week on Sunday

    Sent from Melanie

    • Em says:

      Hey Mel,
      I haven’t forgotten, I promise. I’ve just been busy. It looks like it’s going to be raining most of the week except Friday, so either Friday or Wednesday would probably be best for me. I’d like to double check with your Mum that it’s ok as well – remind me to do that next time she comes into school with you. 🙂

      • So was it Wednesday I was catching up with you at the park? Cause I couldn’t do it on Thursday , Friday, Saturday or Sunday since I am at my dads house….. But next week is ok:) if it was Wednesday this week I would just need a time:) thxs again

    • Em says:

      Thanks! 😀 It’s taken a while to accept that she won’t ‘look’ as fast as a BC when doing this, but that she’s still moving well! 😉

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