So I was thinking the other day about how my mindset toward agility training has changed since I got home.
I think the first time I took foundations, Lu felt slow and unmotivated so it was super stressed about trying to get her to run fast and wrap fast and to do that I trained pretty much every day. Ouch. And probably because of all the training, she was unmotivated. Catch 22.

Right now though? I trained Friday night. I did a bit of weaves Monday night cos I had Nic and we were down there to finish putting rubber on the DW anyway. My plan had been to train tues-Thurs-sat, and hike/rest the other days… But the weather is looking really nice for hiking on Tuesday, terrible for anything Wednesday, and good for hiking Thursday… So, y’know what? We might take it easy on training this week.

And I honestly don’t mind.
It’s a wonderful feeling.

Hope you enjoy the photo of Lumen snorkeling at the park. This girl swims no matter the weather 😉


6 thoughts on “mindset

  1. Good post ..reminds me it’s not the current struggles but the end result. I get frustrated with my Vizsla because everything comes so much more naturally for my Border!

    • Em says:

      Haha, I bet! And I know what you mean. After training my older Aussie boy in agility and him just being SO eager to please and so happy to do agility, it’s been really difficult to adjust to Lumen who is much more serious about it, not as excited, and not (yet) as driven or motivated. Getting there, though. 😉

  2. Ok so I made my first agility jump😊 it was fun! I will be making another next week:) here is the picture to show you:) and if you have instagram … That is my user name:)

    Sent from Melanie

  3. Penny says:

    I just love to see her attitude these days though! Oh god, it has been really inspiring to watch. I think I might have told you this 100 times so I probably don’t need to write it again! Such a good job you have done

    • Em says:

      But I didn’t do anything, Penny! This is what you don’t seem to understand! She went to your place like “meh”, and came back like “YAY!!!!”
      I really think as well though that the fact that her attitude HAS changed, and she’s happier and faster, means I feel like we need to train less because she’s doing so nicely.

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