weird jumps

Someone on Facebook posted this video:



And I was amazed to see some of these dogs do Lumen-leaps… the huge early ones where she springs with all 4 legs and tucks them up under her. There’s one almost straight away, then 2 more at 3:12

And ok, these dogs are smashing up the bars when they do these jumps BUT it just kind of makes me think that if dogs are in the International Border Collie Championship then they must be ok most of the time, and sometimes maybe they get a bad cue or can’t judge where to take off and get these weird jumps.

So… maybe Lu will be ok!!!!

I’ll be really, really interested to see if I get more back-leg stretch as the jumps get higher. Cos she stretches to take off still, but folds them up as she comes up over the bar but possibly as she has to ‘sail’ more, she’ll stretch her legs out more… we’ll see!

5 thoughts on “weird jumps

  1. The major thing that sticks out to me with this video is OUCH. We should try to be the most efficient handlers we can cause boy do they try their hardest to make a line/ get the obstacle we ask for! Nothing like some slow motion to appreciate how they flail!!

    • Em says:

      I definitely agree with ouch, and about being efficient handlers with timely cues. I think I forget sometimes when i’m training Lu that she’s not my experienced dog and I shouldn’t just run around and expect her to take jumps or know what to do, I still actually need to POINT (which I think I stopped doing as much with Mallei)… but yeah some of the falls in those videos where they’re twisting around… ouch.

  2. As far as I know this competition doesn’t have qualifications and allows all three grades of dogs – from A1 to A3. So perhaps the dogs were responding to cues, perhaps they were inexperienced or they have been jumping that way for the past 7 years… who knows.

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