fit fit-ball dog

So for a long time I’ve had a fitball for Lu, we used it sporadically. Lately though, I’ve been getting her up every 2nd or 3rd day. She really loves it and is beginning to trust being up there more and more. Once, a long while ago, the ball slid out from between my knees and she fell off. It took a while to rebuilt her trust.

BUT! It’s been rebuilt and now she can: hop straight on the ball. This is an amazing achievement because before she would almost always put her front feet on, then hop her back feet up. Similarly, I’ve begun teaching her to jump into my arms by teaching her to jump onto my lap. We’ve done maybe 3 or 4 sessions of just shaping the straight ‘hop up’ without front feet first – my lap is a much smaller space than the fit ball so it’s actually taken quite a while. Today I had 100% jumping straight on, with 2 times where she forgot to stop in the middle. That’s ok though!

She is also doing speedy circles. Frighteningly speedy. Only a week or two ago she was tentatively turning around, standing on me for support, and now she wants to SPIN. Slow down, girly.

Today, she managed three free-standing ‘sit pretties’ – before, she’d been using my arm as support, but today she got there on her own! ABS OF STEEL!!!

Also, she lifted her back right leg on the ball (left is a bit of a lost cause even on solid ground so.. yeah, I’ve got some work to do there, I know), and wanted to lift both right legs too, silly girl.

She was also pushing the ball around with her front legs on it without me holding it still but decided it wasn’t exciting enough so hopped on. I managed to dive in and secure the ball before it rolled out from underneath her but geez, getting too brave.

She can also stand on it quite comfortably while I push either of her hips or shoulders and she puts pressure back against the push.

Need more ideas!!! I saw a good one where the dog would be in a sit with front paws on the ball, then standing up, then back to the sit with front paws on the ball. Could be a way to help her with ‘sit pretty’ to ‘stand up’ to ‘sit pretty’.

One of these days I’ll get Silvia’s ‘Tricks for Balance, Strength and Coordination’. One day.

Anyway, she’s amazing me with how she’s progressing lately- every time she gets on the ball she seems to be stronger and more balanced. It’s just awesome to literally see her progress like that.

Hopefully by the end of the week my DW will be up and running, so we can get back to playing RC, too. Looking forward to that very much (especially if I want full DW and some amount of reliability by March-April!!!).

I’ll try and get a cool photo of Lu ‘sitting pretty’ on the fit-ball or something. Need Nic’s help for that though.

Oh here’s a video from last night, incase you’re not on my Facebook.. Yesterday afternoon we went for a long walk on the beach with the pack. Lu was exhausted on the drive home. Getting home, we fed her dinner then gave her a carrot to eat… Here’s just a normal video of a tired dog going about the business of eating a carrot.


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