nothing much

So. The video below shows Lumen punching me in the groin with her nose. That was fun times.



Then the video below this shows a little sequence (nothing much, really) using some extension jumping and one tok (beautiful!!) and one cik (good, but not as great as the tok). With some nice Lumen speed and no weird jumps and throwing herself into the curved tunnels. Yay! After this one, I’d done too many and got LOTS of weird jumps on the next sequence. Should have quit, but I only realised how many little goes we’d had after watching the video. Bad me. She still looks like she tucks her legs up under her too soon but maybe that’s because the bar is still quite low for her so it’s basically a slightly higher stride? Which is fine! Because it means she’s finding it nice and easy. Apart from the last go, she didn’t even do any weird ones out of a tunnel today, so that was cool, too.

I’ve started using all the rabbits at the field to my advantage as she seems to need to chase them away before she isn’t super distracted by them… so I’ve started walking over to the paddock with her – off lead. She seems to be understanding really well that if I say “uh-uh”, she’s not allowed to go get them… then I said “OK GO!!!!” and she can go run. I’m hoping that later this translates to being able to walk around with rabbits nearby and she won’t go chase them without being given the signal, OR I can say “uh-uh” and she won’t go chase them. The fact that she doesn’t take off the INSTANT she sees them despite being off-lead is actually really surprising and really promising.


Also I’m picking up my dogwalk tomorrow. YAY!! Hopefully by Monday it’ll be all rubberised and ready to go.



We also hiked about 20km in the last week and a half, the dogs and I. It’s been lovely. Yesterday we did just over 6km with about 3/4 of the distance off-track in the bush. Lu was exhausted. It was wonderful.


4 thoughts on “nothing much

  1. Ok my friend, you could make MONEY off that groin video. Here in the US we have this LONG RUNNING show where they give money to people with funny videos, and they’re SUCKERS for the groin punch! Check it out.

    Also, your extension collection video is AWESOME! The drive you’ve gotten out of this dog is amazing. I love watching her “get” what the game is… and then LOVE it.!


    • Em says:

      Hahahaha, yeah we have Funniest Home Videos, too. Or, we used to – actually I’m not sure if it’s still on! It was weird though, I remember watching it as a kid and sometimes the videos had American accents, and I remember thinking: hang on… this is AUSTRALIA’S Funniest Home Videos… and people are winning prize money for the funniest… but… they’re American videos…?! Huh!?
      And thanks! She’s working really nicely at the moment and I think she’s starting to figure out that it’s about running and then getting to play… which is good!

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