jumping, weaving and running fast

So, a quick update.

  • By Monday, I should have a real, actual, fully-functioning DW. I’m very much looking forward to starting RC training again. I’ve put it on hold as she hasn’t been so keen on my wobbly planks. (fair enough)
  • Lu has been learning to jump. I’m learning about what makes her do weird jumps, like if I throw a toy too late (she’s bouncing trying to see it, and looking way ahead at the TOY and where it MIGHT land, and not at the jump in front of her so she takes of REALLY EARLY because she’s not looking at the jump), or possibly after we’ve done a bunch of cik/toks where she tends to bounce more and then we do an extension jump…? Or POSSIBLY (and I’m about to see the video to confirm) if I don’t give her enough info about where she’s going. But maybe not. I’ll see in a bit. I think so, yes. But she’s adding in an extra stride more and more often now in order to set herself up better for the bar, and is starting to extend those back legs. Yay!!!
  • She is super funny, super cute and super naughty at the moment. But it’s way too cute for me to care. Just before, she brought me the packaging of a texta that she’d found and basically shoved it in my face. Too cool.
  • She’s running so, so nicely. She’s fast and focused, even when she knows there’s rabbits in the paddock next door, or a Badger sitting near by (Badger the dog not the animal).
  • I’m learning to ‘let go’, and it’s actually a lot easier than I thought. I’m laughing off broken stays (she’s good at them so I’m not worried) and rewarding for effort even if there’s a knocked bar or something. She’s trying so hard and I don’t want to reinforce these things but I’m not going to squash her beautiful enthusiasm by being all serious.
  • We did some weaves for the first time in ages today. It’s ALMOST at the point where she has to start MOVING to not crash into poles. She had to wiggle herself at the start because they were a little wonky but when I straightened them up she could just run though. I’ll work on entries there for a little while then narrow them up again.
  • Today I fed her before training on the basis that she loves to play after dinner. In fact, having been fed she worked really nicely. Possibly not any differently than not having been fed though so…
  • We’ve also started doing more happy tricks before running a little sequence. These are “chomp”, speak, bounce up, back up (she looooooves this one), spin right/left, heel sometimes, or just get into heel position (she loves throwing herself against my leg, too cute), and we’re starting to do jump over the leg. She seems to like it, I think.
  • Oh it’s so fun and I love running with her right now and seeing her fast little running, and seeing her work out how to jump like a normal proper dog and remembering how to turn and starting to like curved tunnels a bit and stuff.


Here’s a video. It’s 80% jumping in a straight line but since that’s much more important to us, both in terms of her jumping style and Australian courses (I think you don’t ever get wraps, like ever) I’m going to keep doing it. I realise it looks like the same thing over and over and I guess in a way it was but that’s ok.



5 thoughts on “jumping, weaving and running fast

  1. It doesn’t look like the same thing over and over to me at all! I loved seeing the progression and Lu’s wheels turning and – wheee – the speed into the curved tunnel and then back! So wonderful!
    I think for some dogs coming out of the tunnel and judging where to take off is just hard. She seemed to figure it out in this setting, though. I’m curious whether the tunnel is the culprit here.

    • Em says:

      Yes! She seems to do a big jump or two sometimes now and maybe is starting to not like the ‘feel’ of it, because she then seems to do a much nicer one with an extra stride.
      And I agree about coming out of the tunnel – when I first started noticing her jumping issues, this was where I saw she had a lot of trouble with those jumps directly after a tunnel (and then other ones)… so maybe my little two-jump games I’ve been doing have been helping! Yay!

    • Penny says:

      Hey that is really interesting you say that Andreja! Geraldine was saying something about Jazz having this issue Emily and that Cathy Snook had sent her some jumping exercises to work on this exact issue. I wonder if she would pass them on?

      Love the Lumen! Loved her focused attitude on Saturday. It was brilliant!!

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