can’t stop smiling

Yesterday I did some training as I’ve re-enrolled in Silvia’s Foundation class (did I say I was going to do that here? I forget) because despite her jumping weirdness I figured she can’t actually figure out how to jump confidently without practising how to jump, even if that was just at really low bars to start with.

So yesterday I went to the field, Lu chased away the 400 rabbits that have taken up residence there since the owners have moved out, and we did this:



And I’m so, so happy because she was fast, motivated, engaged and awesome, and it was super fun. I now have a way to practise single wraps AND extension jumping , because her sends to single wraps by themselves suck, but put a single bar in front of them and suddenly she’s running in with speed. AND I have an awesome new tunnel game (A mash-up of Andreja’s curved-to-straight game and the 500-ball tunnel game) which she LOVED and should make her really enthusiastic about curved tunnels, and Silvia said I can add a wrap or an extension jump in and make a little mini-sequence out of the game. Which I’ll do, but not for a while cos it’s too much fun right now… Though I could do it just as straight tunnel-wrap-straight tunnel-throw ball-straight tunnel-wrap etc

AND it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her opt to shorten and add a stride rather than jump from far from the jump and she did it twice in a row and had such a party with the hose game so hopefully it felt easy and good for her and she’ll be more inclined to try that again in future. YAY!!!


I’m trying to be really good this time and not over train her. I’m resisting the urge to go every day and do something, but being daylight savings means I can actually go for long evening walks in the light so that makes it easier too because it’s just as fun to go for walks in the bush.


3 thoughts on “can’t stop smiling

  1. She looks fantastic!!! And extra points to you for being able to throw aerobie like that and not have it land in a tree or thorny bush somewhere far, far away! I would love to redo AF, but we have nowhere to train during winter 😦

    • Em says:

      Especially with the Aerobie in the condition it’s in (it got back from Penny’s very, very chewed up, but that’s ok cos she’s been playing with Lu and Lu loves with Aerobie so it’s ok). Luckily there’s not many trees (or thorny bushes!) at the field though I have managed to hit the side of the barn once – I was worried it was going to go on the roof though!

      And yeah, that sucks about winter. Here it’s almost opposite- winter is better for training than summer because it just gets too hot, so if I take the next RC class it’ll be in the hottest months when even evenings and nights can be 30C. Yuck.

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