She’s back!

Today we went and picked up my Bean.

Here’s her reaction to seeing us.

Hopefully you can view it even without FB.

There was more but apparently Penny was making weird laughing noises so had to edit it all out. I’ve never seen our girl so excited- she was making little squeaky noises. So cute.

We stayed the night at Penny’s, and the next morning, just for fun, I decided to see if I could coax Lu all the way up the full height DW, since apparently she’d been getting about 10cm from the top plank, but just not quite making it and… SHE DID IT! It took maybe, 3 goes of going up to where she was comfortable, then running back down (for fun), then up a bit further, running down… up to feet on the top, running down… and then she was walking along, turning around, eating, all on that top plank! SO BRAVE! And she didn’t really look worried except when she looked down and went “WOAH!” but then I played Get The Contact Game with her (just to see how she’d go) and although she didn’t get the contacts very often, she was so totally focused and eager. Like, could care less about being up high! And sometimes she DID get the contact and it was cool! And she was so focused and eager that she got all crouchy and creepy and I so didn’t care cos she was like: I’M READY TO GO AND IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME!!! And that was awesome.

And then I brought her home and holy crap, Penny/Badger have transformed my dog!!! I noticed it even at Penny’s to a degree, but when we got home, she’s suddenly way more interested in toys than she was before. Or even things that aren’t toys (gardening gloves, ‘bear hands’ gardening claws, the handle of a shovel, pruning shears) have the potential to be toys. And she’s just leaping around grabbing them… like.. STOKED to have a toy!!! It’s so cool, and she’s SO naughty but it’s awesome and I don’t even care that she’s super naughty. I like this Lumen and I want her to stay.

And then I set up like, the most rudimentary jump ever in the backyard because she’d been hopping over the trellis in and out of the veggie garden with such ease that I thought I’d check if maybe Penny had trained my dog to jump, too… the first 2 I did were pretty standard jumps-in-collection, and then two beautiful easy jumps in extension. Woah!

So it’s pretty much been the best day ever.

Oh and we went for a hike. There were hills. But it was good fun.


6 thoughts on “She’s back!

  1. Video: “OMG you’re still alive!!! You’re alive!!! But hooooow? We had the burial ceremony and everything! Come on, let me jump on you some more, we can talk later” – Lu

    Now that’s a new way to train a dog. Just go to Europe for a month and let Penny sort it all out 🙂 How cool that she’s so happy to play, even though it comes with naughtiness! I’m always careful what I do about naughtiness in whippets, it’s easy to loose some drive along the way. And jumping!!! Could it really be so good? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Em says:

      Hahaha, too cute, Andreja.

      And exactly. Penny’s saying it’s all thanks to Badger, so I’ve suggested I drop Lu at Penny’s for week-long play intensives. 😉
      I suspect that naughtiness could actually increase drive in Lu. She’s sort of naturally cheeky so it’s playing up to that in her, makes the game more fun and means that if she’s trying to be naughty by jumping up and trying to steal the toy, that when she works for it and gets it, it’s even more awesome cos she wanted it before. Like yesterday she wanted this gardening glove and was gnawing on my hands to I did some call to side/post turns so she could play with it.

  2. Penny says:

    As much as I would love to say that I could motivate dogs to play more… yep, seriously NOT true as per all the evidence of my failures in this area, but even having you think for a second that I am possible of that makes me happy. Thanks Em!

    Lumen does have such a natural cheeky side doesn’t she! I really loved that as it came out over the weeks. She loves stealing things sooo much. I loved it when she started getting ferocious with her robberies… like with my slipper that day. Oh that was just so much hilarity. And she is cute about it. Gosh she loves working for you though, she never ever gave me any of the joy for working that she naturally gives you.

    Warning ** Warning*** Advice: If I was going to recommend anything, AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I AM GOING TO REGRET GIVING YOU ADVICE BECAUSE I HATE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING would be to spend a 10 minutes a night playing together wrestling, sometimes with household objects with no intention of asking her to perform anything during that 20mins for 4 months. What gives me the right to suggest this? I don’t know. What makes me think I know anything? I don’t know. Why Why Why? I don’t know why, I just do these things and then I will regret it tommorrow morning. Sorry.

    Seriously loved having the girl live with us and I wish we lived closer so that Badger and Lumen could have daytime play sessions while we were at work. They got full body work outs AND became more toy enthusiastic, who could ask for more?

    • Em says:

      Don’t ever regret advice. It’s always awesome to hear your thoughts. 🙂 Seriously. I’m not saying that to be nice, because as you know, I’m not a nice person.
      I like your idea, and to be honest, we do often play with ‘stuff’- though not usually household stuff like brooms (lol), more like toys, and she just doesn’t get into it, really. I don’t ask her for anything, we just play. She’s been better since coming back from yours… she keeps picking up this lobster toy though and carrying it around, she brings it to me and as soon as I grab it, she gives it to me and I don’t know what to do with her! She doesn’t want to tug it, fight over it, or fetch it really… Sometimes I can’t figure out her brain.

      And, she never gets ferocious with her robberies at home- usually it’s just socks and she just gets all cute and happy, but never ferocious. I’d love it if she got ferocious. I reckon I need one of those jolly bals.

      It would be SO awesome if we lived closer. we must make this happen. SOMEHOW.

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