feeling dog-sick

I’m missing my two big furry guys at the moment. Nic is missing the cats, I’m missing the dogs. Figures. Especially our splodgy-faced fool. I don’t think we’d quite realised what a huge portion of our life she takes up- things feel quite empty and strangely calm when she’s not around. I think she’s always keeping us on our toes. It’s a strange feeling to not be thinking about her all the time in some way, which is why her lack of presence is probably more keenly felt than Mal’s. Of course I miss my sweet, soft boy too but he’s just always there and quiet and good… she’s just always there and busy and naughty!

On the weekend we went for a hike with Andreja! She was our expert guide even though she apparently never goes hiking. Her post sums up the trip very very nicely so you can go read it here. (see how I’m getting everyone else to do my work for me? Penny’s post, now Andreja’s)… I like the way I’m Emily of Lumen’s-blog fame. Ha. So famous. The post is very good and the captions are funny so you should definitely go there and see it. I should have been less lazy and written about it here but it’s bed time so maybe I’ll do it another day.

In the meantime here’s a picture of my guys taken ages ago, cos I miss their cute smiling adventure faces. I have so many ideas for playing and training with Lu when I get home, I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll have somewhere to train…!





One thought on “feeling dog-sick

  1. Aww look at those cute smiling Aussie faces! I can imagine you must miss them.
    He he this “expert guide” would get lost several times if you guys wouldn’t be so mindful of where we were going 🙂

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