Today I met Silvia Trkman, and Andreja, here in Slovenia.

I talked a bit to Silvia about Lumen and it seems that what I’m doing is right, and that I should keep doing these things and that she is apparently already looking fast from when we did foundations!

Silvia said:

  • keep my sessions short. Maybe I should get another dog.
  • Reward with toys, and don’t necessarily play for fun, play as a reward only.
  • It’s ok to have a serious, thinking dog- that’s what Bu is, and you can’t change it.
  • I should raise the DW when I get home, and keep starting from 2m from the plank, gradually moving back with each height and that it’s hard to get 3 strides until it’s full height (which is what I think she was trying when I started from 4m last time).
  • Keep bringing running into the game like I have been, with ‘recalls’ through jumps, tunnel games, etc.
  • Not to worry about her speed so much- that she seems fast, and that running contacts will increase her speed anyway.
  • Keep doing tricks and especially happy tricks. I think with Lu I should really train her a jump/bounce- she has one, sort of, but I’d like to give more value to it, make it more fun.  Also a speak. Also i’d like to do more of the backing up/speak tricks before I run her, or do anything training-related.
  • I really want to train a wicked back-side of the bar when I get home. 😉

More later, just wanted to get my thoughts down, and I think that those were the main ones.

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