Happy Birthday Bean!

It’s Lumen’s birthday today! (or yesterday, or tomorrow, depending where you are in the world)

Sadly I’m frolicking around Europe but I have complete faith in Penny that she’s going to throw a wicked party for Lu and make her wear hats and eat cake and post photos for me and stuff.

It’s been a most awesome year (well, the 10 months we’ve had her), filled with so many adventures and such a steep learning curve. Lumen is both everything I wanted in a dog and absolutely nothing like I expected. A constant paradox, she moves between goofy, wiggly and happy, and serious and considering, cuddly and sprawling asleep all over your lap, and crashed out in a completely different room. At times frustratingly difficult to motivate, and others an absolutely joy to play agility with. I’ve got many ideas of “what I’ll do next time around” thanks to Lumen and all the lessons she’s taught me. She’s an ultimate adventure dog- absolutely delighting in bounding through the bush, swimming, romping in mud puddles, chasing wildlife (sigh) and yet a complete princess who won’t let me put coats or harnesses on her (or backpacks to adventure in!).

She is the love of all the kids at school – I suspect that the last 2 weeks of term when she won’t be there will be filled with kids asking where she is and when she is coming back. She often gets more “good morning!”s than me and replies with a slow, lazy wag of the tail, ears soft and back on her head. She has actually adopted a calm, working manner at school now, which I had thought was her shutting down or not wanting to be there, but everything about her body language says she’s relaxed and comfortable, not worried or stressed, and a colleague suggested that well, she’s a working dog, she’s probably in ‘work mode’, and of course work mode means calm, gentle and slow – not frantic lick-frenzies like we experience at home.

So happy first birthday to you, my girl of many nicknames, from Lumen, to Lu, LuBear, Bu, Luma Bean, Lu Bean, Bean, now just “B”, Bean Machine, Sweetness Factory and Cuteness Factory (so called because she produces so much sweetness or cuteness on a daily basis), and Dork Face- thanks for a year of adventures, giving us a reason to get out, make some new friends, find new and awesome places for adventures, and teaching me an awful lot about training dogs!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bean!

  1. Happy birthday Lumen! I can’t wait to see you again and say happy birthday personal! Hope to see vidios of lumen doing agility trials and fun matches!

    Currently teaming flyball with Lucy! She’s awesome, I have the 4 proper jumps and flyball box! My dad made it 4 years ago, I always trained lucky on flyball, in fact she was just about to do her first flyball match when she had to be put down sadly:( anyways lucy didn’t pick up the tennis ball:/ and I use a small soccer you for a reward sinse that’s the ONLY thing she likes;)

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