amazing adventure weekend

In summary:
Penny, Nic, me, Badger, Lumen, Mal

Stopped at the gates to a National Park, told to go up some stupid road instead. went up stupid road. Found most awesome hiking and alpine scenery.

9kms of hiking, 800+ photos, patches of snow, snow running and playing, a crystal clear little pool for dog swims, free-running in the bush, great views, awesome company, laughs, chats and the dogs having a great time (all very tired after), future camping spots discovered, future sites for snowventures discovered and all in state forest where it’s total A-OK to have your dogs AND have them off-lead!!!

As an aside, it’s really, really rare in Australia to find anywhere remotely ‘alpine’ that allows dogs. For as long as I’ve known, I’ve considered everything ‘mountainous’ to be a part of the Alpine National Park, and therefore strictly no dogs. To be able to walk in this kind of environment and have the scenery we did with the dogs, was just so exciting for all of us – we never imagined we’d be able to! So there’s certainly lots more exploring of this area to be done!


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