Play update

We are having success!

Before dinner, I’ve been getting Lu to toy on a not-very-exciting rope toy… the first night I did this, she looked at me like I was mad, until I swirled it around on the floor a lot, and then we had aย very quick tug, and then she got her dinner. The next night, she had a few seconds of “don’t wanna” and then tugged, briefly, and got dinner. Last night, I made their dinner, pulled out the rope, and she almost immediately went for it. We had a longer tug session, and she got dinner. Woo!

Similarly, before going off-leash for a run in the bush or at the dog park today she tugged, and I’m using the jackpot-tug again with the food pouch in. This was also has jackpot toy for RC the other night and she loved leaping into the air and grabbing it as she flew past. At the dog park today we actually had about 3 good tug sessions, which so wouldn’t have happened a few weeks ago- there would have been way more interesting things going on. I also think with her, less intensity is the key to gettingย her to tug back- if I kind of let her grab it and then stand there, she’ll start pulling it back, rather than if I’m bouncing around trying to be exciting- it’s too much.

We also did some race to the tug this morning inside, and I’ve been doing a fair bit of running to my side to the toy to get that full-speed running thing.

She also thinks that the holl-ee roller hidden in the drawer is the most amazing toy ever – she’s now allowed to bite it a bit but not for long, have to keep the mystery alive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So all in all, success so far. Hopefully it’ll make her more driven/motivated – that would be fun and cool.


4 thoughts on “Play update

  1. Ha, I have also started putting more value in the tug with Java. She loves playing with balls, but somehow I feel it doesn’t build the relationship as well as tug (for her; for Ruby I think it works just fine). So now we’re playing tug before training running contacts & before playing fetch.

    • Em says:

      I like the idea of playing it before fetch, too. This could work for Lu as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve definitely noticed a big improvement in her desire to play lately- she’s constantly trying to steal toys from the bag or grab them off me and will even ditch her soccer ball for a running leap at a food-pouch tug toy! Very cool.

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