it’s been a while

…since I posted about our running contacts.

Of course as you know I’ve been sick and still am but this afternoon was so wonderfully warm and I was sick of not doing anything so I took the girl out with Nic and ended up doing a bit of our HGR games, a lot of RC and a bit of weaves – the channel is now quite close, to the point where she’s having to sort of ‘dodge’ the poles a bit more, so she got tripped up on entries a lot. But it’s ok, we’ll keep practising.
well… hopefully.

I spoke to the owner of the land The Field is on, and they’re putting it back on the market in a few weeks and will be hoping to sell it. Husband is saying don’t worry, we don’t know how long until it will sell, and maybe the new owners will let us have some kind of arrangement, but it’s the unknown. At the moment it’s so, so perfect. It’s so close and easy, and I can use the barn, and there’s the creek for Lu to swim in, and there’s lights. I’m going to be absolutely devastated if I have to move, even if I manage to find somewhere else I’m sure it’s not going to be as awesome as The Field, with such awesome owners. 😦 But of course they should sell it because they have a new place and I’m just being selfish but, y’know, I’m having so much fun down there.


So anyway here’s our RC from today.. Mal also had a go but of his 8 or so runs only 1 of them was a NR I think. He’s just doing too well. As for Lu, she did okay, IF I didn’t start her with any speed. Not sure where this has come from- maybe increased confidence? Not sure, but she seems to be attempting (and failing) to take the DW in 3 strides. Except her very first stride isn’t long enough and the last one is too bouncy… So, I dunno. I think I’ll just keep moving her back gradually because there seemed to be a ‘sweet spot’ today that got hits and multiple strides, and another meter back got leaps and 3-stride attempts. So… who knows. Friday afternoon will probably be our last RC session till we get back from Europe as they want to mow the field so I need to pack everything up (DW bricks included) and there’s no point setting it up, balancing and stabilising it for a week only to pack it up again! Should have my own, actual real DW by the time I get back though. Hurrah.


Anyway, enjoy.

No Slow-mos today cos my program didn’t want to do it without converting the clip (takes AGES)  so you have to use your own eyeballs.


By the way, the song underneath is called “Hit or Miss”  (if it works) and although there’s no words I think it makes it look like I sped the video up a lot and everything is in a frenzy and going really fast. Maybe I should just do all my training with manic music playing and I’ll feel like we’re running really, really fast!!


7 thoughts on “it’s been a while

  1. Yep you are so right, she really is trying a three stride DW. Wow.

    Silvia keeps making people in class find spots that slow the dog down so much they have to take 5 hits (4 strides). Hence a full month of ridiculously close wraps for Badger. I really have to have faith that she knows what she is talking about because IT FEELS VERY WRONG.

    This is very crap news about the field. I had intentions of stalking you at the field very often :(. Now I will have to stalk you at less convenient places. Not happy

  2. Silvia knows what she’s talking about 🙂 I think it was a great training session. Lu showed you very consistently where she has the problem and you were even able to start her quite far from the DW and she still hit, so no worries. They all have to learn the difference between hitting and flying over at some point.

    • Em says:

      Thanks Andreja. Actually the problem was when I set her really far back! Any further than about 2m from the start of the plank and she’d do the big leap at the end. But yes, I think it’s ok and I’ll just work back more gradually when I get home & at least her running was nice on the 2m starts!

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