sickness & trainer’s guilt

So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been sick – just a regular cold-type thing, but I had Thursday off and was very good and didn’t take the dogs for a walk or go to the field or anything. I also had 3 whole days off of training or doing RC which is a lot for me…

And I’m still sick, and I’m being good again tonight because although I wanted to go to RC I then fell asleep for an hour on the couch so it’s probably best I didn’t. Tomorrow I have a school excursion to go on (joy) and then I’m meant to be training, then teaching. Ughh. Might need to cancel that one.


Point of the post: guilt. So despite taking the dogs for a walk, them spending all day with the Husband (who is also sick) I have this massive sense of guilt that I’m not doing enough for Lu at the moment because I just can’t. I’m coughing and snuffling and falling asleep and that’s really not the best state to be in when you need to be energetic and excited and happy. But I feel like I should be doing more – keeping her more active, training more, wearing her out. I hate this feeling of being ‘stuck’.

If I end up going tomorrow, my plans are: short GTCG from various places on the plank, and then trying some full walks to see if there’s any improvement in her running and contact-hitting. If there’s not (particularly of the former and she’s still doing rocket-leaps) I might put the plank down 10cm or so.
But at this stage I sense I’ll be cancelling class tomorrow because I think I’ll just need to sleep some more.


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