The things we do…


So, in an effort to make Lu more toy-mad, Husband and I have begun following Susan Garrett’s advice about how to make that happen.

So, I’ve put her holl-ee roller ball in a drawer with a sock tied on. Yesterday and today, twice or three times a day, we go to the draw saying things to Lumen like: *gasp!* Lu!!! Ohhhh, what is it Luuuumen? What IS IT?!?

And slowly peeling open the drawer. When we did it this afternoon her eyes looked bright like she knew something weird and wonderful was about to happen.

I gasp. Whip out the toy and begin going crazy about how amazing and wonderful the toy it. I drag it around the ground by the sock, making sure she doesn’t get a hold of it. I say: “NIC! What is THIS?!” and throw it across the room to him, where he proceeds to perform the same song and dance, bashing it on the ground and generally having a wonderful time.

Meanwhile, Lu is launching around, trying her hardest to get this amazing new toy. After a little while, we put the toy back in the drawer and say: “Oh… it’s gone” *sadface* and then continue about our day.

Lu, meanwhile, begins counter-surfing and generally trying to find where the magical toy went, looking between us desperately.

Tomorrow she gets to get her teeth on itΒ but only for a second and then I play with it and it goes away again.


Simultaneously to all this, we also have a tug-rope lying around on a counter for when she seems playful, and we have one very short play which, when she tugs, she wins the tug, we go: “YAYYY!” and then end the game. She goes: Whatttt? Why finished?! and gets all upset that the game is over. Success!

Meanwhile, all the toys in the house (except one for Mal, he was getting very upset at not being able to carry something around when he was happy) have been put away so she has no choice but to play with us… or Mal. Possibly Mal is getting annoyed more than usual but that could also be because she seemed really tired and mopey at school so I didn’t take her out for a walk or training tonight and now she’s full of beans. Sigh.


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