RC from yesterday

Another RC video incase you’re dying to know where we’re at. Lots of leaps off the end which, look, wouldn’t have been GREAT hits if she hadn’t leapt, but would have probably been 1 FF hit I guess…

Did some GTCG (I think) to try and discourage it, then found a nice spot for some good RF hits at the end.. Soooo… another few weeks here. I’m guessing I’ll probably stay here until Europe, then be here when I get back because she will have fogotten it all, and then I’ll have my new actual DW to play with and THEN maybe we can go up (and by then it’ll only be 5 months till we can start competing and knowing my girl, training over summer is going to have to be very short sessions with lots of chasing the hose in-between so maybe not much getting done). Anyway. We’ll get there.

Not too much weirdness this time. One or two long strides, not a heap of separation on the up plank from this angle anyway (hard to tell) but not seeming to avoid the apex now at least.



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